Working with the Qlippoth

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Working with the Qlippoth

Post#1 » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:56 am

I initially wrote this in reply to a post on the General Qabalah board, but decided that it would be better here.

Ravana wrote:I was interested in working with the klippoth, but also like Yourself I have struggled to find anything that was practical enough.

Nor are you likely to, as such work was reserved for fairly advanced practice. In the Golden Dawn, while lecture material on the Qlippoth was introduced in the Outer Order grade of Philosophus 4○=7□, practical work in the World of Shells was not approached before the Inner Order grade of Adeptus Major 6○=5□, for the practical reason that it is only after one has achieved the attainment of Tiphareth that one can approach the Qlippoth from a position of personal harmony.

Also, it is after one has attained the Solar Sphere that it then becomes essential to confront, acknowledge and integrate one's own Qlippothic nature - to bring the light of one's attainment down into the Infernal Abodes, to willingly sink oneself in the Mire of Excrement and to seek union with the Divine spark at the heart of each Averse Sphere, until one can honor it as deeply as one aspires to the higher.

This is an intensely personal work, and while no specific ceremonial forms are given, there are tables in 777 and elsewhere that list the relevant Names and words of power. If one has already learned the practical methods of Qabalistic magic then the same conventions apply - invocation of the relevant force through the relevant Name, assumption of godforms, pathworkings, consecration of talismans with the relevant forces and so on.

Those who discount this work as irrelevant or undesirable have not understood what the Kingdom of Shells represents, nor the valid and necessary place it holds in the Qabalistic traditions as a whole. Those who understand its value are helpless to direct you on how you personally should proceed, because at this level of operation the Work becomes different for everybody as they operate under the guidance of their own Daemon or Augoeides, which understands what each person uniquely requires.

Even if one is uninterested in the Great Work - and many who aspire to the World of Shells have no particular attraction to the Divine - the Qlippoth still can be approached through the methods of Ceremonial Magic that employ the Qabalah. In this case, the Averse Powers are approched directly through sorcerous means in the Sphere of Mercury, who rules over Magic. It is not coincidental that this lies at the base of the Pillar of Severity, nor that the Qlippothic Name of power in this sphere is Samael, who is the Prince of the Left Emanation.

This proceeds along the same basic method as any Magical working, only with the appropriate substitutions, such as orienting your temple to the north, the direction of greatest materiality and darkness, rather than toward the east, the direction of the rising light. Likewise, one proceeds at all times in a counter-clockwise direction and calls upon the Four Demon Kings at the quarters instead of the usual four Archangels. One does not invoke the Names of God, because in this mode of working the Powers are themselves regarded as Gods, and honored as such.

One can engage with the Qlippoth in this way as soon as one has learned to perceive the Subtle Forces, represented by the House of Images, the Sphere of the Moon which gives the understanding of the use of symbols, the basic tools of Magic art. The Sphere of the Moon is also largely sexual, so that in preparation for Qlippothic operations one should gather one's own inner force and consciousness to the Lunar center, that is to the root chakra, rather than working from the Solar or heart center. The sexual forces of this sphere operate without any concern for distinguishing between acts of procreation and those unable to lead to conception. For Qlippothic workings, the latter are prefered.

Good luck.

edit - In following posts are some examples of resources suitable for Qlippothic operations.
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