Black Pullet Seduction Ritual...

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Black Pullet Seduction Ritual...

Post#1 » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:41 pm

The following ritual was used by me to seduce a sexy California real estate saleswoman.
She was quite aloof and cold when I chatted with her over the telephone
and live and in person.

Then I cast this spell once per night for five nights ending on the Full Moon.
Mary the realtor then invited me over to scrub her back, and she invited me twice
so this was not a fluke.

Here is the procedure that I followed. Bathe or shower and immerse body in water.
Enter ritual chamber near midnight. Light one red and one black candle.
Red candle on left and black on right.

Place woman's photograph or signature or some link with woman you want
on your altar table near center of table.

Speak these words slowly and deliberately:

By the power of the words, Nades, Suradis, Maniner,

I call thee forth, spirits of lust...

And by Sader, Prostas, Solaster,

I bind and constrain thee and the result I demand...

Go forth this night into the world,

And get the woman named blank,

And bring her to me,

Drive her to me,

Take her mind and body

and give them to me...

And I promise thee

that the release of

energy and life force

from she and I having sex

beyond mine wildest

dreams and imagining,

and doing anything and everything

and whatsoever that I want,

will please and satisfy thee...

So be it amen!

It helps to masturbate whilst looking at the woman's
photograph and imagining doing various sexual acts
with her in the nude.

Repeat spell for five nights in a row
ending on the night of the Full Moon.
This spell has been slightly revised
by me June 1st 2014.

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