NAP beginner questions: ritual order, planetary attracting/banishing, etc.

The methods and techniques outlined in The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb
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NAP beginner questions: ritual order, planetary attracting/banishing, etc.

Post#1 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:20 pm

Hello All,

First post here with some questions about NAP. I just recently received and read the book and will get started working soon. I was hoping to get some advice or insight from those experienced with this system. Apologies if all this is addressed elsewhere in the forum, I am making my way through some of the NAP topics but have not read them all!

1) My main question is about the method and efficacy of combining incantations, e.g. using both the Invocation for Money and the General Purpose Invocation or Chant to Bring Success in a single session directed toward the same goal. If it is advantageous to combine any of these, then what is a good way to do so?

2) I am also wondering about the Planetary attracting/banishing ritual and whether this is something that is best practiced in addition to one of the other incantations from earlier in the book (before or after?), or is it best as a standalone ritual? When might one use one of the planetary rituals instead of the earlier incantations? How do they compare, or in what types of situations might one be better than the other for meeting your needs?

( Note: my current goals have generally to do with moving to a new house/apartment, finding enough enjoyable work to meet my needs, etc. )

3) What would be the best NAP approach for preventing a certain outcome? e.g., preventing potential legal action or fines that may or may not eventuate. Basically wanting to make sure that such actions will not be taken against you, so I am guessing the Invocation to Win Legal Action would not be appropriate since this would deal with a legal action already in process.
So, would such a prevention be dealt with through one of the Invocations earlier in the book (Chant for Success or General Purpose?) or perhaps through one of the Planetary banishing rituals (maybe Saturn banishing ritual)?

4) I am also perhaps interested in exploring the potential with NAP when it comes to helping the healing of a pet, and also increasing skills and abilities with playing an instrument, in case anyone has anything to say about those.

Thoughts and advice much appreciated.

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