Carl Nagel's Djinn Conjurations...

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Carl Nagel's Djinn Conjurations...

Post#1 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:48 pm

...Is just a resell of Black Pullet spells.
There, that's my review.

It's another abridged Black Pullet reprint and he's re-labeled it as "Djinn magic" :rofl

Get the Black Pullet from the public domain and save your money.
Shoot, even Hoodoo Hill has great information on how to use the Black Pullet seals in spells, and its freely available online :|
http://hoodoohillrootworksupply.blogspo ... seals.html

True scammery! Nearly $8 for a Black Pullet redux, and it ain't even a full one.
So this is the quality of modern occult literature, I see.

It's a 6 page pdf, 1 page is a title page, there's only 3 pages with lists formatted as "seal characters + Pullet invocation + candle color", and then 2 paragraphs (barely) about a prescriptive ritual to use the bare lil list of correspondences.
Of course I'm pressed after spending $7+ dollars on this!

Here is a pic of me in real time spending money on this piddling pdf:
Spoiler: show
For those who are too literal, this is not actually me, but is the clown I feel like right now after dropping real money on this farce.


Let me do an actual detailed dragging.

So ya'll, this what he did in this book.
As an example, he took the bottom line of characters from the fifth Seal of Wealth from the Pullet:

Took the invocative phrase: "Onaim, Perantes, Rosanastos"
Use a candle made in the prescribed colors of the seal: Green (originally it is "Green satin embroidered in gold")

And advises to write the characters on paper, place in front of said candle, think of your desire, burn the candle, and speak the phrase.

That's it. It's not even that detailed. Three pages of these prescriptions labeled as "Djinn Summoning".
Of course I'm going to scrutinize the heck out of this. Black Pullet spirits as "djinn"? What a joke. :?

The issue is not with the ritual set up, tbh it's pretty fair in terms of any basic candle magic with a seal setup.
The issue is with labeling a Black Pullet abridging as "Djinn Magick". :?
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