Working with the spheres of the Qliphoth

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Working with the spheres of the Qliphoth

Post#1 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:38 pm

Using the gnosis of the Qlipha has been an interesting ride. I intend to document my results after a working I choose to do.

Okay, so I worked with 5 spheres in a week. Please try not to scream too loud internally, I am well aware of the potency of the awakenings. I was encouraged by my patrons and matrons to do this, and when I reached the fifth sphere, I realized that I had(have) a huge block that is preventing me from delving any deeper. They also told me to stop there, and right now I'm delegating to find out what my next move should be, but ultimately I believe in my abilities(as I should) so I will make the actual decision on how I should proceed, if at all. I take this very seriously.

Okay so skipping the first four spheres(I didn't actually skip the first four spheres, I just wont write about the gnosis specifically for those four), I come across Golachab. My purpose for working with these spheres is to get a better understanding of death essence so I can take the next step into soul work, which would be heart retrievals. That's my will. My intent is to do it in a beneficial manner.

Getting on to the experience on this sphere, I note that the sphere doesn't feel like it's filled with any real substance, and when I try to delve deeper into the sphere I sense a raw hatred. This seems contradictory, but allow me to explain. When working with the "knowing" aspect of myself, it feels as if the substance can be manipulated. I believe intuition is the manipulator of true knowledge, and not emotion. In this sphere, there is just raw hatred. There isn't any kind of substance I can grasp onto and manipulate. I am not sure why. However, this is not to say that gnosis isn't a component of this sphere, because I realize that breaking free from the sphere, I achieve a gnosis. I experienced a vision where I identified with a giant robed being, but instead of a skull for a face there was just a white orb. The orb seemed to be a cross between bone and light. This part of me was delivering some things I can't identify, and it was through a dark mist. I was handing out messages through this dark mist, and combined with the vision of me wearing the skull of a dragon, I'm thinking it could be related to Archangels. I don't have a solid connection, just my intuition telling me that somehow delivering messages through a hellscape is related to an Archangels job.

I believe that this was a vision of my ego, and not ego in the new-agey negative sense, but as my identity. This is where the block comes in. But that's or another day, what's most important here is that I've done the fifth sphere working and an identity was created within my consciousness of a (intuition speaking) draconic being that has an affinity for death. 10 years ago I would've had a field day with that knowledge, and it probably would've ended in self-destruction.

One of the things I've noticed with the Qlipha and the various beings that are connected to it is that they all represent some kind of destructive aspect. In some ways, dealing with the Qlipha can damage your soul if you aren't knowledgeable enough to navigate it. Demons are supposed to be tricky, and I believe the spheres are hollow so you can actually fill them in with your own spirit, which would be as dangerous as a moth following a flame. Those of us who navigate the Qlipha are at risk of losing ourselves to the raw potential of our own souls, which would be ironic. That being said, going into a sphere and then breaking out of it seems to have a better effect, because I actually am navigating my own way. As I break through each shell, I conquer a potential of myself, and it's a path my soul paved. That seems an alternative to going into a sphere and trying to embody it. Maybe that can work for others, but I cannot personally embody raw hatred.

Updates will come.

UPDATE:: I think I have been looking at this in the wrong way, if I view it through wisdom, I begin to see that I have unveiled a different path to the 10th sphere altogether. This approach takes an entirely different approach to the Qliphoth. I yearn to learn more.
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