Raphael & Hangovers

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Raphael & Hangovers

Post#1 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:06 am

I've gotten into a habit of calling upon Raphael when I've poisoned myself with alcohol and feel like garbage. Anything ranging from a dehydration headache to a full body sickness, I've experienced interesting results with. Most recently I woke up in the middle of the night with nausea and a headache, feeling terrible, and after calling on Raphael my symptoms were reduced enough so that I could sleep.

My method has been to mentally intone his name as if a choir were chanting it in a low, droning and urgent tone. I imagine lightning striking me each time I call the name. That's something I picked up from one of the GoM books that just seems like it's been working so far as a way of drawing a bridge between myself and the entity I'm evoking.

This last drunken episode where I called on Raphael, I felt a distinct feeling in my stomach which felt like something of significant volume was scooped and lifted from my stomach. After that, my nausea and headache were reduced to a point where I felt much better.

I've actually been praying to Raphael more than anything lately. The bulk of my magical activity has involved him. A big change happened in my life recently, and right after this major change I met a guy named Raphael. Then recently I started dating a woman who I found out keeps a medal of Raphael in her bra.

So my thanks to Raphael and I hope someone finds this useful or interesting. Any input or comments are appreciated.

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