Lunar Mansion 16 - Al-Zubana Talisman

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Lunar Mansion 16 - Al-Zubana Talisman

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I am currently experimenting with the talismans for the Mansions of the Moon found in the Picatrix.

The first one I made, on parchment was that for Al-Zubana, the 16th Lunar Mansion "superb for trade and business". Its image is a man seated on a throne holding scales. The instruction is to suffumigate it and leave it out under the stars for seven nights. I made this one colourful because I wanted to emphasise the richness of his dress. Azeruch is the name of the Lord of the Mansion.


I decided to only wear it after I had completed the seven nights of suffumigating and leaving it outside. The morning after the seventh night I wore it for the first time. Immediately, a long-standing block concerning some funds was released that very morning. I had realised what was causing the delay, so I know that the company had to side-step their rules, and possibly financial regulations to let me at my funds. Boom!

That weekend I was wearing it when I met up with my sister and paid a visit to the museum. There in the section about money and trading I saw this fellow:


I swear many times when I go to the museum some daimon calls out to me. Certainly a good indicator to proceed with the Work.

All in all, the talsiman has been effective, but I think maybe it's effects wore off after a while. So maybe parchment ones, unless parchment is the preferred medium for the daimon involved, only have a temporary power. I would certainly hope one cast in silver would last in perpetuity. I rolled it up and carried it in a little pouch:


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