Evocations & Results.

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Evocations & Results.

Post#1 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:47 pm

Method: DSIC/ Rufus Opus

Intent: Find a new job. Specifically one I would enjoy which provides a livable wage and plenty of time off to pursue my life's passions and interests.

Spirits: HGA, Raphael, Paymon.

After discovering a job I felt fitted the above description I submitted an application tailored to my relevant life experiences. I was however sorely underqualified for the job and so needed some outside help. I came up with a plan and ran it past my HGA before contacting the spirits I had in mind for the task. Using the ToP and a pendulum (pendulum idea was inspired by something WhiteRaven wrote on another thread.), I garnered the appropiate yes/no answers and compliances from both Raphael and Paimon.

Raphael being of Mercury, was tasked with speeding up the application process. In exchange I would pray in thanks for seven days after the evocation. When the seventh day had passed I recieved confirmation that my application had been accepted. After that Raphael was to aid my speech, eloquence and intellect during the assessment phase and subsequent interview. In the meantime I would research and prepare for both on my end too.

At this point I feel it should be stated that Paymon was also tasked with making me appear dignified and suited to the role. He was to sway my would be employers and see that I secured the job. He did just that. Im still awaiting a start date but I have been granted the position. Many thanks to these wonderful spirits, could not have done it without them. As agreed, I honored them each with candles of appropriate colours and painted with their seals. They seem pleased with this.

It is also worth noting that after the initial contact with these spirits I kept them abreast of progress via astral evocations. They continued to make their presence known to me through omens and dreams throughout the course of this undertaking. One spirit however appeared unlike his description in the grimoire. It took a while for me to even notice this but when I did I stumbled upon an article which detailed it's other directional form. It matched this to a tee. I wasn't expecting that but it was a fascinating discovery nonetheless.

Many thanks to Paymon, Raphael and of course my HGA.

*As a side note, who else would like to share similar reports? All here in one thread. It would make for great reading.
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