The 5 Princes

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The 5 Princes

Post#1 » Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:25 pm

Someone over Occult Corpus asked about the 5 Princes, so I thought I'd post my response here as well, as it's a topic deserving of much discussion:

Original question:

[...]how does one devise the names of the 5 guardian princes mentioned in the heirarchy (as well as the "golden talisman" vision)...?[...]

Are you talking about the 5 Princes that take up the train of the King? Here's the passage from Ave that mentions them:

"Then followed a comely man, with very much apparel on his back. After him came five men carrying up of his train."

If so, then no one really knows for sure, as names were not given for them (or the Trumpeters) but there are a few theories.

For one, I've suggested the following possibility (taken from the O.'.S.'.D.'.L.'. forums from June 2006):

In this vision, I have always wondered about the Five Princes who follow after the King. The King is certainly the Solar King of each Watchtower (BATAIVAH, etc.), and I can see four of the Princes as suggested by [Name Omitted] in another topic as being names formed around the smaller crosses of each sub-angle, but what of the Fifth Prince?

Now I think I might have found some answers to this. Firstly, Ave calls the King on two occasions a "Prince", which suggests to me that perhaps he doubles as one of these Princes. This could perhaps be seen in the way originally two forms (severity and mercy [or again active and passive]) of the King's name can be derived from the tablets (BATAIVA and BATAIVH, for example). These have since been combined to form a singular all-encompassing name, which renders the fifth Prince redundant, if this is true. There may have just been a need on the Angels part to have the enumeration as 5, to follow suit with the numbers: 1, 3, 6, 1, and 5, equalling 16, which are the number of Servient Angels (or Dispositors), so this could have been conjectured on their part to fulfill this role while not neccessarilly having a seperate fifth Prince on the Tables themselves. This is the only answer I can see for this riddle.

Thoughts welcome.


Now, here is an instance where Ave calls the King a "Prince":

"The four houses are the four angels of the earth. In each of these houses, the chief watchman is a mighty prince, a mighty angel of the Lord: which hath under him five princes."

The problem with the above is that he says that, even if he is a prince (albeit a mighty one), there are still five princes under him, which tends to suggest there's 6 princes total. But again, I think the dual nature of the King, as Severe and Merciful allows for this to occur.

You might be wondering about the four other Princes then. Well, these are taken from a whorl in the centre of each sub-angle, just as the King's is taken from the whorl in the centre of the Watchtower overall.

Thus the names of the Five Princes of the ORO Tablet are:

BATAIVH or BATAIVA (with one as King, probably the Severe)

The names of the Five Princes of the MPH Tablet are:


And for the MOR Tablet:


And for the OIP Tablet:

EDLPRNA or EDLPRNA (some switch letters here to differentiate the names)

So, there you have it, my theory.

Here's an alternate solution:

Scroll down to the Princes section. This guy literally has the names follow in a train, swirling around the King. I think this is clumsy and untypical of the generally well-laid-out nature of the Tablets. I also disagree with his attributions for the Trumpeters, but that's a different matter.

Now, having said the above, even my own theory is just that... a theory, and it may be that Conjurer's one is actually correct. Or maybe there are no correct ones. You'll have to decided for yourself.


P.S. I'll make an image in a little while to show how to find the names I came up with on the Tablet.

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