Magister C's actual position on Satanism and the LHP.

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Magister C's actual position on Satanism and the LHP.

Post#1 » Sat May 31, 2014 1:10 am

I guess as a person who believes that the title of Satanist and Magician are not necessarily contradictions, there is the problem of the so-called ‘Satanic Scene’ which has become more and more idiotic and fantasy based as time goes on. Full of people as dumb as a bag of rocks or a hatful of arseholes, pick one, or not if your really Satanic; its a vile sinking ship that one can only hope will sink like the proverbial Titanic. I guess its no secret that I once called myself a Satanic Magician, but these days I distance myself from the term due to many factors. The least of which is the make up of the members, who resemble the inmates of a mental institution than any form of legitimate Occultism!

While I do believe that there is some value in ‘exorcising the damage done by the Jerusalem religions within some of its practises, I do feel that the point is often lost on those who seek a valid path of initiation. Magister C was stupid (an asshat) for trying to rehabilitate and provide a context of legitimacy to such ideas, admittedly, a monumental failure on my part. The problem being is, the average Satanist understand very little about the history, mythology and spiritualities of the worlds religious and Magickal systems. thus winds up bleating about Enki being Satan in a Spaceship or Set being Satan, which while there are some parallels, is simply not true. particularly as in some Egyptian legends, Set actually aids Osiris in ascending to heaven and godhead. Loki would be closer to a ‘Satan’.

It would be good if Magicians attracted to antinomian practices could eventually create a LHP tradition if you will, that accords with common sense, and is not antithetical to the RHP. Rather, simply the same in the end , just different ways of getting to the same place. I guess while people like Karlsson and the Dragon Rouge are not beyond criticism, I do feel they are on the right track overall. Its easy to critique what is relatively new in Western thought, however, one should keep in mind that the Golden Dawn and the various Thelemic traditions and in particular the mess that is now Wicca, which is derived from both, and more, are also not beyond the critical mind.

Some people are naturally Satanic, in the sense that they take upon themselves an adversarial bent to achieve enlightenment, and perhaps arrogantly, will not bend the knee to any god, goddess, doctrine dogma, or text, understanding that the divine is within and should be approached in ones own unique style. Often such rites and ways, will include practices that are illegal in many countries, often they will push themselves into states of Gnosis that can be quite overwhelming although, instructive to those suited to such a path. Those that are really into this path, are few and far between, that much is certain.

They have nothing in common with the refuse that is today's Satanism, for they are part of the Western Magickal Tradition, and not separate from its aims and foundations. Can one appropriate the Eastern term of LHP into such a radically different paradigm? Its possible, but difficult. I realise at the end of the day, that all this RHP LHP stuff are annoying labels for many critical Magicians, and this I fully understand and empathise with.

However, one does need to distinguish between practises that may be harmful for the ill prepared and the emotionally unstable. Magick of the so-called ‘lighter’ variety can in itself damage the sensitive organisms of the unstable and the halt, let alone throwing some idiot mascara wearing goth into the qlipothic Tunnels of Set. Wether one likes it or not, the darker paths are here to stay, isn’t it better to create a system that accords as much as possible with sensible practice? rather than handing it to the idiots that wouldn’t know a banishing from a dildo.
“It’s a sad and stupid thing to have to proclaim yourself a revolutionary just to be a decent man.” – David Harris

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