Considering preforming the first call

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Considering preforming the first call

Post#1 » Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:33 am

Its been along time coming I suppose. Some oddities here and there but I feel at this point(well birthday being one of the things) that I should attempt it. I really don't know how "dangerous" these entities are, they do give odd visions and occurances but I want to find out why i've gotten visions and why the call kept running for awhile. I'll give a post of what experienced here since it seems there are people that know this stuff as opposed to what occured over on OF(Lets just say world-views, questions and the like tend to clash with certain people)-
Well, I guess i'd best to start from the beginning-
A few months ago(I assume betweem mid-august to early september) I decided to load the first and second enochian call onto my ipod(Crowley's by the way). Now while the first week or so it didn't do anything..however the week after, it would start playing the call of the second aethyr by itself(IE- I'd be looking at pictures of my pets or trying to go to a specific song and when I hit enter, the MP3 would start). I originally thought I was losing my mind but time after time of it occuring proved it wasn't me. Later one evening from returning from my girlfriends house the afterlight of a car made the sign of scorpio when I concentrated upon the afterlight. Another odd thing occured last friday as well as the sign of aries and the sign of cancer(granted the "69" was reversed to "96" so it could have been psychic trash) So eventually I picked up Enochian Magic for Beginners(I don't recommend at all, its all on a single man's point of view and doesn't offer much besides history). To go deeper into the subject I began to translate the calls into how I thought they were to be prounounced. Now I looked over my first attempt(which was much like Dee and Kelley's of using their way of english(granted I speak "american") and then an odd version which has alot of "-eh"'s after the word) and compared it to Crowley's call and noticed a massive change, the words seemed like they weren't there or the proununciation was so different that it made the words completely different. During that first day I thought up of a concept; Automatic drawing and using the calls. So I let Crowley's call play while focusing on the words while my hand played. Nothing turned up on paper, however I fell into a trance of sorts and my vision was like a purple tunnel(best way I can put it). Then it came; a feeling like when I invoked that egregore but much stronger. Words that I have no idea what they mean started sprouting from my mouth. It was like an urge to say what I did. I don't know if they're gibberish, enochian or a mix, but I had a hard time(not extremely hard) calming it when I had to interact with people. This occured for an hour or two and I didn't have any sort of recording device handy. I had attempted the usual chaos banishing(laughing at the entire concept) with no help and the minor banishment I learned from Stealing the Fire From Heaven(which I couldn't focus/visualize enough to get it to work). I decided not to whip out the guns(IE- LBRP, ect) as I didn't feel threatened, if amused. The previous invocation with the egregore lasted 30 minutes at most(the entity left when I came in contact with my mother), this feeling of sorts just faded as opposed to just taking off. This past friday I picked up Chicken Qabalah and started reading it, monday evening I had a short dream of energys from Tiphereth rising to Chokmah and Binah for no reason. Last evening's dream was more interesting- The great tablet was manifested before me and a hand/pointer stick(possibly a merging of the two things) pointed towards the lower right corner of the tablet to the east tablet(thats what the book I have states) and again to the lower right of that tablet which by the other book(well more of a panphelete- Truth about enochian magick.....) states is the fire of the fire watchtower. Now my question is- What the hell does it all mean?

Well still I have little idea of what occured. I had a couple of odd visions(Just of the Black(North) tablet shifting/changing to Blue(West). Should I attempt to stay away for now and try invoking Michael or should I go through with my plans?

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