Volac & The Conjuring 2

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Volac & The Conjuring 2

Post#1 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 5:11 pm

I sat and watched The Conuring 2 last night. Ed & Lorraine Warren in Britain with the spirit Valak (re: Volac) which, again, does not explain HOW let alone WHY this immortal spirit chose a mere child to haunt & possess. Seems to me Volac is punching far below His weight.

As horror movies go, it was okay. As accuracy goes? Meh. It’s Ed & Lorraine Warren - just two Joe & Mary Sixpacks who shout Jesus the Christ’s name & wave a crucifix necklace abount as if this terrifies real spirits. Not impressed.

There was just so much hokum in the film that I had to open a fresh bottle of wine and drink half of it to enjoy the entire movie. I’ve always said that Ed & Lorraine are the Gavin & Yvonne Frost of the Paranormal world. (Yeah, they’re that bad). Doesn’t mean they’re not nice people, mind you, just that I do not see the reason to yank out the Jesus card with every NPE (Non-Physical Entity) one comes across with.

So-called Paranormal experts are typically little more than a joke. Why? Because they’re screwing around with things they do not understand YET when they get in over their heads, they call in religious kooks who immediately begin framing everything in a Xian perspective which automatically means a spirit is of the Devil i.e. the Xian bogeyman. And most of them tend to believe they can get a spirit to respond by making It angry. Smooth move, Exlax. spirits will respond without the hostility towards them and you have to remember They are not circus animals who perform on command either.

Major spirits like Valac have no interest in children, They want world leaders & politicians who make legislation. Heavy spirits prefer world movers & shakers over the common rabble which is more what the Dead are interested in messing with. Big spirits like CEO's, billionaires, arms merchants, heads of state and those who both have the $ and power to make decisions. Tell me what world shaping decisions can a mere child make???

But see, when a film enters the public imagination like the original Exorcist has, its tone is then viewed not as fantasy entertainment, but more as a documentary. Doubt me? Look at the plethora of McWiccans who use new age TV shows & films for their spells & workings. Charmed gets a lot of mileage for this as does The Craft, Buffy, Sabrina or even The Magicians with its goofy premise. Most of your run-of-the-mill practitioners are (sadly) not very creative but they do tend to adapt someone else’s material quite well.

The funny thing with The Conjuring 2 is we have little more than a bunch of scared people trapped in a house dealing with an angry spirit possessing a child. Odd no one bothered to get a sorcerer or karcist who could make that spirit dance if necessary, instead just call on Jesus to deal with It. Oy vey... The first film was better than this second one. In my opinion anyway.
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