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Hello. First I want to make it clear to members of the forum that this article is not mine. This is a post in the old Wizard forums, before it was hacked. Original post from The God-King.
I would like to know your opinion, and if anything else to be added. I just have this part of the Thread.

Only for the ones who practise !!
There is a lot said about the pacts with spirits. Pacts are widely associated with evocation, namely demonic evocation. Many outsiders and novices think that in order to work with a demon or any spirit for that matter, one must enter into some sort of a pact. While a pact is not required to work with a demon or any other spirit (unless the system calls for it) pacts can be extremely beneficial.

The Nature of Pacts
First and foremost we must first define what a pact is. A pact is simply a promise, an agreement, a binding contract. Think of them as spiritual contracts of “law”. A pact is a contract between you and a spirit for a mutually beneficial partnership. The end result of this partnership will see that both you (the magician) and the spirit will be pleased. Please note here that while pacts are usually associated with demons any and all spirits that have an ability to make the desired change in your life can be bound to a pact. This includes angels, elementals and their kings, aerial spirits, planetary spirits, and intelligence (though intelligence is very rarely asked to enter into a pact).
It should also be noted that as much as you expect the spirit to keep their end of the bargain so too do they expect the same from you. Failure to comply with your end of the deal could see your desire taken from you.Or the spirit could wreak havoc in your life. Just like not adhering to a physical contract on our material plane has consequences such as fines, jail time or repossession of property (real estate and cars, boats, etc) so to does not adhering to your spiritual contract have consequences. Unfortunately for the magician, the spirit has its choice on what punishment should be dished out in the event you don’t keep your end of the deal. At the same time, the magician reserves the spiritual right to determine what should befall the spirit in the event it fails to keep its end of the bargain; note that these instances are very rare.

Pacts and Systems

Pacts are not required to work with spirits, however, pacts are greatly encouraged. It gives the spirit insurance and assurance that it’s not working for free and creates a respectful “work environment”. While pacts are not required in general it should be noted that there are some systems where pacts are the basis of the system. Examples are the Grimorium Verum and The Grand Grimoire (though the pact in the Grand Grimoire is designed to outsmart the spirit). It should also be noted that the pacts are only required for working with those particular systems, not the spirits therein.
For example, Astaroth in one spirit listed in the Verum. One cannot get to Astaroth in that system without first going through Scirlin. However, Scirlin won’t take you seriously without a pact is in place. So, in the Verum system, Astaroth cannot be evoked without a pact. On the flip side, if one works with the system within The Black Dragon or Evoking Eternity, for instance, Astaroth can be approached without a pact and without consequences befalling the magus for not using a pact.
Drafting the Pact
Your pact should emulate the prenuptial agreements of celebrities and billionaires, aka: they should be iron clad. While it is a rarity that a spirit will not keep its end of the bargain it should be noted that if any holes are left in the pact that allows the spirit to get out the agreement scott-free it is a possibility that the spirit could attempt to do so….now matter how small. Spirits exist outside of time and space. This means that their knowledge is virtually limitless in their various areas of expertise. This means that spirits can and will find holes in your pact if you leave them. This is not to say that they will take them but the possibility lies therein and precautions should be made.

A pact should consist of these things:

The names of the parties involved such as you, the spirit and any third parties if applicablethe desire and how it should be accomplishedA time frame in which the desire should be accomplished (though many magicians are split on this one)What payment the spirit will receive when the desire is obtained**What punishment the spirit will endure if the goal is not accomplished within the specified time frame (though I recommend follow-up sessions with the spirit to find out why the goal was not accomplished before subjecting it to punishment)A place for your signature and the spirit to stamp it’s sigil (if done in a physical evocation setting) to “seal the deal”
A special note on the bullet point containing the payment. Payment is usually discussed with the spirit so it may be wise to write up a pact “template” of sorts, leaving certain parts of it blank until certain terms are reached with the spirit.
If the spirit agrees you are to be the first person to sign the pact. It can be done in blood but if you take this route I highly recommend you do everything in your power to keep your end of the deal. Blood contains your life essence which is now in the spirit’s hands. I don’t think I need to go into detail as to what could happen if you break the pact and the spirit decides to seek revenge. You can simply sign your full name (first, middle and last) and have the spirit stamp its seal. If it’s a physical evocation then the spirit will do so physically, for visible evocations simply place the pact within the triangle (if it can fit) and the spirit will astrally imprint its seal. If your third eye is open you should have no problems seeing it.
From here you are to set the pact alight, be it with a candle flame, lighter, etc and place it into a heat safe container to burn. The burning is sort of a spiritual handshake. It sends the pact to the astral plane where it is considered binding and both parties are now bound to carry out their ends of the deal.
From here you are to set the pact alight, be it with a candle flame, lighter, etc and place it into a heat safe container to burn. The burning is sort of a spiritual handshake. It sends the pact to the astral plane where it is considered binding and both parties are now bound to carry out their ends of the deal.
Pacts are serious business and should be treated as such. One should approach pacts just as they would legally binding contracts on the physical plane. The more pacts you break the more spirits will be less likely to want to work with you willingly. Consequently, the more you keep up your end of the deal the more spirits will trust your word.
I hope you enjoyed this article !!
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