My sister did some readings about some Goetia Demons for me.Int

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My sister did some readings about some Goetia Demons for me.Int

Post#1 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 3:56 pm

Hello all, i just want to share some experience with you guys and girls that happpend this month.

My sister bought a tarot deck card month back and she is into it and she has done more than 30 readings for close friends and they all say 80-90% is true lol, i know that my sister is spiritual because when i use the ouija board alone it doesnt work, but when she puts her fingers with me it starts moving and other reason too she can feel presence and stuff more than i do. Anywways......

I told my sister some questions like : Are King Paimon willing to work with me via solomonic method(or via god) I got a Yes. And that he was disapoinated at me because of some history 7-8 years back, promised Lucifer something and let's just say it didn't go my favour and since he was dissapointed i directly thought about his description that ''He is very obedient unto Lucifer'', So that may be the case why he is or was dissapointed but still i got a Yes so theres still hope, and not only that, she said that Paimon was very powerful, could do all things and had alot of dignity like it says haha she is accurate(Free readings at home yay xD).

My sister did a reading about Duke Bune the same day that if he was willing to work with me, she said that he could help finincial with money and that he is a back staber/traitor, she got a creepy feeling about him.

But let me tell you two things that happened few days later, my sister did another reading for me , and the question was ''Who wants to work with me more, Paimon or Bune? Guess what happend during that reading? She told me she saw a girl with tiara(crown) upon her head, so i showed her the photo of paimon on the dromedary at wikipedia and she said it was him, so i see it as Paimon wants to work with me.

And i was curious about Lucifuge Rofocale , so i asked her about doing a reading about him, the question was, How is he like? What do he do and what do he posses.

After that reading she was drained and we smoked a ciggarette while talking about that reading and what she got, while she explained about Lucifuge she started puking out of nowhere, the things she wrote were negative but he posses alot of wealth, but she had a bad feeling about him, since most people think his presence/energy is strong. Idk she couldn't even finish saying her reading she started pyking and she thought it was very weird tho, she says its because of that reading with Lucifuge.
And no she did not use google or anything like that.

Whats your thoughts on all of this? I wish to know :D :roll:
Many Blessings<3

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