GV - Creating a Scirlin Bust

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GV - Creating a Scirlin Bust

Post#1 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:52 pm

I am well progressed in the creation of a Scirlin bust, and I thought I would share my thinking and how it has progressed in its creation. As most of you know, Scirlin is said in the GV to

‘…render you service and cause you to have power over the other spirits’.

Many will recall Jake Stratton Kent (JSK) used the invisibility rite in the True Grimoire to empower a head made of clay. And Moonlit Hermit here has also tracked the development of his Scirlin bust on his blog, using the same method as JSK.
Now I personally haven’t had to call on Scirlin to make good connections with the demons of the GV. However, out of respect for the system and to see the difference in manifestation, presentation and willingness of the demons called via Scirlin, I thought I should do so.

Scirlin comes readily for my UPG, and has had a hand in the design of this, including the use of fire opals for the eyes.
The wood for those interested is Huon Pine, which smells like honey when you carve it. Which, given the honey amber resin in the GV incense mix seems all the more appropriate, as it should be more attractive to the demons as it has a pleasing scent.

My original thinking was to drill a hole through the middle to connect with the mouth, giving the statue lungs as is seen with many thai spirit carvings. Consecrated incense is then blown through the statue, giving it breath in this tradition. This done, the usual way to finish is to put a sacred scripture inside the statue, or as I was going to do, place a scroll with his invocation inside it, and seal it, along with any other magically corresponding herbs and semi-precious gems, in accordance with his primary planetary attribution. This seal would be the middle of the Scirlin sigil as it is presented in the GV.

The Scirlin sigil reminds many folk, including me, of a circle layout more than a sigil. (JSK) has, if I recall correctly, said to go with this sigil until Scirlin chooses to give you another. Now I do have a personal sigil for Scirlin that I was given from him. In creating the bust, I was originally going to etch this into the wax seal on the base of the bust once the cavity was filled.
However, I had a huge insight into how this bust was to be used this morning as I was doing the preliminary drawing of the standard Scirlin sigil.

I think its purpose as a ritual tool is to sit on top of a sigil of the demon/s you wish to call upon, and provide a vessel for the demon/s to use the bust as a means of manifesting and engaging with the practitioner. It fits with the subsequent description of the use of the Scirlin sigil in in the True Grimoire:

“Below this [sigil], make the character of the Spirit(s) that you desire to come, and burn incense in his honour...”.

Which seems to say that the Scirlin sigil should be placed above the demon’s sigil, or in this instance, on top of, realising the function of the Scirlin sigil primarily as a magic circle. So instead of putting a scroll into the middle of the bust and seal it, I am going to carve his invocation into the sides of the bust and leave the centre open.

I have included a couple of pictures of progress, still some final shaping, sanding fixing of the eyes and carving of the invocation to go. When it is ready, I will be using a modified form of the Opening of the Mouth ritual, which was used by the Egyptians in the consecration and giving life to statues.

Scirlin side profile.jpg
Scirlin front sanded.jpg
Scirlin base.jpg
Scirlin front.jpg
Your mileage may vary - and that's ok

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