Experience with Leraje

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Experience with Leraje

Post#1 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I have had such incredible results with Leraie lately that I just had to share. I have worked with various Entities and many Goetic Spirits over the past 20 years, but none surprised me so far like Leraie. Over the years, I have called Leraie from time to time, and each time she provided extremely fast and almost miraculous results.

The last time, she went above and beyond what I asked her and overnight completely changed someone’s whole worldview to match my own, something I believed to be impossible and didn’t even ask her to do.

I have come to realize lately that on top of being extremely good at breaking up couples, she’s also good at reuniting them. As I understood from her, she ‘brings the right partners together and separates the wrong ones’. But she’s also good for realizing various goals, because she’s good at ‘hitting the mark’ like they say.

Anyways, she’s very friendly and extremely fast and effective for me. And the scope of her abilities is definitely much larger than is written.

Did anyone else have similar experiences with her?


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