Experimentation in Evocation

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Experimentation in Evocation

Post#1 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:18 am

I want to get more into angelic evocation. I've been reviewing renaissance texts, and R.O.'s derivative techniques. All very interesting stuff, but I can't help but wonder if there is a simpler way which is just as safe and effective without following the rules exactly as they are prescribed in these old grimoires.

I was listening to Taliesin McKnight talk about evocation of Olympic spirits recently, and he said that he always got the best results when he followed the rules of old grimoires as best as he could. When he deviated from the rules, the results were not as strong.

I imagine that the old magicians spent a lot of time experimenting to find what worked and what didn't, and refined their methods over time. I am interested in experimenting to see if I can get results with simpler methods. Granted, I don't have a lot of experience with evocation, so I'm a beginner who is thinking of approaching this. Basically I want to get into evocation, but the methods in grimoires have been a turn-off, and I want to modernize my approach.

Safety is a concern. I know there's generally a need to banish, create a safe circle, have the mirror in a triangle with certain symbols and whatnot, and once you summon the entity you should ask it's name and sigil. These sound like solid, tried and true methods used for safety. I don't want to break tradition, do something stupid and go insane.

As an example, I'd be interested in drawing some protective symbols on paper and using my cell phone screen as a scrying mirror on top of the paper. Then I'd mentally draw a protective circle around me, do a customized banishing, then look at a sigil and vocalize or imagine the spirit's name being intoned. I need to be as discrete as possible as I have housemates now that I don't want to think I'm even weirder.

Plus, I never liked reading scripts. It takes me out of the moment. I'd much rather speak for myself, intuitively, than follow a prescribed format. I feel like if I'm communicating with a spirit, it should be a natural and relaxed thing, not something I have to stress about every detail. I plan on working mostly with Olympic, planetary, and angelic spirits so it's not like I'm summoning Beelzebub or something with ten heads and 75 nipples.

So I'm just curious what thoughts anyone has about this, or if anyone has advice. Thanks in advance.

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