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Heptameron Circle Inconsistancies

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:42 pm
by 1347
In the outermost circle the text (Fourth Book Occult Philosophy, pg. 60, Skinner) instructs that the name of the King and the three ministers must be placed.

However, when looking at the different days of the week, not all days have a King and three ministers. For example, there are only three for Thursday and Wednesday, and for Friday there are five.

My questions are:

1. Why the inconsistency?

2. If an operator chooses a day like Thursday to perform the experiment, how would they proceed?

3. Being that (ideally) there are four beings in total to be written in the outermost circle, does this correlate to a compass direction? Specifically, would the King always be written at the North, with the remaining ministers be placed in clockwise order to the east, south and west?