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Bethor, Ruler of Infinities

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:00 am
by BlueMagician
UPDATE: slighly revised and with an evocative image on my blog: ... nfinities/

On the day of Jupiter and in the tail-end of the hour of Jupiter, I sat down to talk to Bethor, the Olympic spirit ruling over all things appointed to Jupiter.

As stated in the Arbatel, and alike to the other Olympics I've talked to so far, he comes quickly.

The first thing I notice is his distinctly booming and reverberating voice. It would be intimidating, but it also has a friendliness to it that precludes any fearful feeling. I am sensing a male presence, and see a tall and broad man in a cloak with owl feathers attached to it. Expansiveness is his nature. He does not care much about details.

I am usually serious, sincere and loving in my conversations with spirits, but with Bethor in addition to that I felt like joking with him and felt lighter than usual. This could be a personal trap for some practitioners since it is a temptation to lose all respect when conversing with him and possibly even others.

Bethor has an appetite for desires, so be sure to make your wishlist for him a long one.

An invocation of his power lets me expand my awareness step by step into infinity.

After the working, I felt buoyant and slightly spaced out in a Jovian way.

Thank you for reading.