The means of operation of the spirits of the Goetia

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The means of operation of the spirits of the Goetia

Post#1 » Sun Jan 28, 2024 9:59 am

Firstly thanks to the mods and everyone else who raised this place back from the dead. It really is a magical place.

I recently felt an urge to start working with the spirits of the Goetia again. Working with them recently reminded me why I stopped working with them in the past and it has to do with the qualitative difference in the results that they give.

The spirits provide the results asked for and quickly but with an undercurrent of chaos that can be pretty unsettling. As an example, I have a coach of sorts who I'll be working with for a while in response to a request. He is excellent at his job, and his results are demonstrable, but he is also a drug addict and prone to psychotic breaks. I cannot but work with him for now to get the results I want, but have to put in the work to keep him at arms length to avoid his chaotic lifestyle from negatively impacting other elements of my life.

Edit: To expand on the example above, along with the issues caused by his personal situation, I have to consciously choose to reject advice that is unethical or is extremely manipulative but would get me results. It requires me to be on guard constantly for bad advice amongst all of the beneficial.

I firmly believe that magic will inevitably cause some degree of chaos to create necessary change, but there is a qualitative difference in the results the spirits of the Goetia give that is quote different to other forms of magic with which I am familiar.

The same qualitative difference is present whether I work with them in the traditional way or through offerings, and it was the same pre- and post-Abramelin for me. (Incidentally, the 4 familiars also give the same sort of chaotic energy but with less intensity.)

I'd be interested to hear your experiences to know if this is unique to me or is a shared experience. I've considered whether it is some sort of subconscious belief in the entities being described as "evil" that impacts the results, but I dont have an Abrahamic background and don't share their understanding of what is evil.

Thanks for your input,

CS :goodpost

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