Tutelary relationships and a boon from Astaroth

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Tutelary relationships and a boon from Astaroth

Post#1 » Wed May 15, 2019 1:36 pm

Hey everyone,

Two weeks ago I did an operation from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick to work with Astaroth that I posted about in the "Modern Grimoires" section here. One of the things I asked her for was to be granted dignities such that people naturally want to give me gifts, money and employment opportunities. A couple days after I did the operation I was in the shower worrying about coming up with the money for a really big trip I’m planning in August. A thought popped into my head that has altered my life. The thought was “It’s not the situation that’s bothering you. It’s your relationship to the situation”. Something clicked and ever since then I've kind have been living inside of the question “what is my relationship to this situation / this person / myself in this moment?” This has been an absolute game changer for me, especially when I find myself in a bad mood or upset. I have been ongoingly questioning what my relationship is to virtually everything in my life and it has really given me an access to the dignity that I asked for and ultimately given me an access to being able to exercise choosing how to relate to the things I find myself dealing with that either rob me of power, freedom and/or full self-expression or just don't allow me to experience myself in ways that I want to. I took this to be a major boon from Astaroth.

In addition to that and on another level, I seem to be living in a continuous state of wonder and have been asking myself questions I've never even considered before like "what is the beginning of being dignified?", "how would I need to be related to myself or this person or this situation such that I'm effective" for example. There just seems to be a world of existential exploration that has opened up along with a peek at the nature and function of Astaroth that I did not foresee when I performed the operation that I am extremely grateful for because it is rocking my world in the best possible way. Which brings me to my questions:

Who else here has "stumbled upon" a sort of tutelary relationship with an entity they sought out for completely different purposes? What role do they play in your personal praxis?

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