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Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal

Post#1 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 10:04 pm

I came across this system after being introduced to it through a very deeply spiritually significant moment, right as the Man Burned at Burning Man in 2019. A place where there is enough open energy flowing so that miracles manifest there regularly, thanks to all the deep spiritualist who happen to be drawn there, and the concentration of creativity.

After taking a class, and starting though the book, I have to say this is a much more developed system than I think most here would expect. There is a undercurrent of not seeing how New Age systems are a manifestation of much of the work we love discovering on here. I also can't say I blame that undercurrent because besides previously being anti-new age, there has been a lot of charlatans that have taken it places which have brought it a bad name. A shame really because there is so much alignment with what is True and Practical that could be grown should forces be brought to bear such a thing.

This book, which I initially didn't expect to have much depth, has shown me an incredible system of working with spirit and energy that I have found invaluable in my own work. It has allowed me to expand my comfort zone with a lot of healing, understanding and feeling work as well as integrated with other systems. Something I may expand upon later but at a high level, it is possible to use Theta healing to work through deeply entrenched patterns, understanding and feelings that arise to relate to working with other systems. In my own case, that being of Bardon and a few other current things I've recently practiced. This book also covers soul fragments (which I normally would use shamanistic practices to retrieve), wayward souls, stuck energy as well as parasites, etc. Now that's not to say it's perfect but I do like that it includes a model of magic and existence that is described in 7 planes, which is a working system, even if I have found my own and other systems to be more accurate but generally more esoteric and possibly harder to access for an individual with less understanding. I think that if you were to work through this whole book, you would come out the other end a changed person in ways that other systems might not address in the same way (such as Bardons soul mirror, auto suggestion and will power practices). There is a line where one needs to be aware of which system to use for what but I highly recommend adding this one to your repertoire.

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