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For portuguese readers, Angelic and Goetia material (English versions coming)

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:30 am
by Gilbertopb
Sorry as I have not the needed time to write in portuguese and english all my material.
This is why I have some articles in my site in english, and others in portuguese.

People using a PC or Mac, have a Translate button aside.
People using a smartphone need to found the proper button or use your own translation App.

Anyways, here some PDFs I published for free and some may be of interesting.

First, the main list I try to keep updated.

All of My Publications Available for download

Some from the above list available are:

A Magia Angelica de Raphael o Grande Anjo da Saúde
"The Angelic Magic of Raphael the Great Angel of Health"
The text is intended for all people with or without experience in magic.

A Magia Angélica de Michael para Proteção
"Michael's Angelic Magic for Protection"
The text is intended for all people with or without experience in magic.

The two books above for Raphael and Michael serve as a basis for the experienced magician to use as a formal angelic conjuration.

Magia De Proteção e Fortalecimento Espiritual Com os 72 Anjos de Deus - Portuguese text.

(NEW - Updated)

"Protection Magic and Spiritual Strengthening With The 72 Angels of God" - English text.

A prayer based on the classical grimoires with the 72 Shem angels and is intended for all people with or without experience in magic.
This one also is highly dedicated to the students and advanced magicians who will find in this work a valuable assistant when dealing with Ceremonial Magic operation and also when they need to reinforce rituals or protection against the most diverse types of magic attacks.

Blessing Psalter by St. Arsenios of Cappadocia - Uso dos Salmos para benção.
A classic psalter (English text).

Goetia Espíritos Para Amor Sexo e Relacionamentos
This is a serious research material with practical comments that do not appear in the description of daemons in the Lemegeton Ars Goetia with additional comments on all areas of relationships between people, whether it be sex, love, friendship, family or business.


Lista de Sugestões de Leitura - Magia Cerimonial
A list of reading suggestions, websites and books for beginners with commentary on how to study.