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The Phase

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Prior to discovering this book I had experimented with pretty much every known English text on 'Astral Projection' and Lucid Dreaming. Through which I was able to get some spontaneous results by 2012 but nothing concrete or repeatable. It was then that I discovered a free pdf called The Phase which boasted the ability to enter The Phase (lucid dreaming, astral projection and OBEs) in three days. So I worked with it for a while, admittedly not as thoroughly as I should have, then dismissed it as crap when it wouldn't work for me.

Years later with only a dozen solid results I decided to try The Phase again. Upon thorough examination of the full text I noticed something interesting. This book was the only one to have approached the subject from a scientific, methodical and repeatable perspective. The tone, statistics and depth of the content made it impossible not to want to try it. And so I did. I tried the 'Enter The Phase in 3 Days' section and left my body with ease. But I couldn't repeat it. Ignorantly, and despite my resolve I forgot much of the material and made some schoolboy errors. Eventually upon repeated revision and absorption of the material I realized my follies and corrected my mistakes. Since then I've had more journeys in The Phase than ever before, met some amazing entities and had some great times.


The most striking thing about this book is it's no-nonsense approach to the subject matter. Immediately it dispelled everything I thought I knew about 'astral planes' and all other such nonsense. Through both the book and my own practice I discovered that many of those occult authors probably never projected in their lives and were just repeatedly spewing the same regurgitated crap their peers were. Not only that but they've created a myriad of myths about the art being difficult, unattainable and dangerous which have seeped through multiple generations and caused preconceived mental blocks in the minds of would-be practitioners to this day. For me The Phase dispelled these myths as well as blocks I never knew I had (and I suspect many others do too.) As an occultist this was difficult at first and took a long time for me to accept. It was only once I did that I was able to absorb the material better and become proficient at this.

The authors 'deferred method' is one which capitalizes on the concept of separating from ones body at the moment of awakening which is when most people are already in The Phase. The author goes into depth on why this is, so I won't repeat it here. Though I think many will find it interesting as being aware of this one fact is enough to increase the probability of anyone's attempts to enter The Phase during this time. Anyone familiar with lucid dreaming methods such as WBTB (Wake-Back-To-Bed) and DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream) will feel right at home here. In his book Michael Raduga breaks down a series of actions and techniques to be performed in a certain manner at specific times during your practice. The result of which when performed frequently and as instructed will result in successful entry to The Phase. Charts and diagrams within the book break down the possible scenarios, probabilities and success rates for Phase Entry. They're encouraging statistics to say the least.


I think this tome is an absolute gem and one that many occultists are missing out on. Not only is it free but I honestly believe it is the best practical handbook on the subject to date. There is a Kindle and paperback version available for purchase too which I did buy for the additional section about how The Phase is a direct reflection of the principles of Quantum Mechanics. Another mind blowing concept which I won't butcher here.

However, as much as I want you all to go out and try this I do feel that many of you will make the same mistakes that I did then cry, "Wah, I did everything the book said and it didn't work for me therefore this is BS!". Well here's a fun fact - You didn't!

And for anyone who still thinks they did, listen up. I'm going to give you some tips. Analyze your attempts, all of them, successful or not. Then weigh that information against the procedure. Ask yourself, did you skip a step no matter how trivial it may have seemed? Did you make the stated number of attempts? Did you follow the procedure to the letter? Well if by some miracle you STILL insist that you have then I implore you to read the section titled 'Didn't Work?' for a list of possible errors you've made and the adjustments needed to correct them. It really is that simple. Just do the work.

EDIT/FINAL TIP - Spend at least ten minutes a day laying down and visualizing yourself going through the whole procedure as outlined in the book. However you should not make actual Phase entry attempts for more than two or three days per week. Seriously, set aside time for this and do it right. Trying to enter The Phase every day will kill motivation and subsequently allow for sloppy mistakes. The result of which will be a never ending cycle of failed half-assed attempts. Trust me. I've been there.

Raduga recently posted videos of a three day seminar on YouTube for free again. You can find the first part HERE

And the pdf from his site HERE


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