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The Hexagrammaton - Update

Post#1 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:27 pm

Since we have announced that we are busy with our magnum opus, The Hexagrammaton, our email inbox has been exploding with entries on our dedicated newsletter form as well as emails directed to us showing an unexpected amount of interest in this new work of ours. This shows to us that a work such as this is desperately needed and wanted in the world of the Occult, and honestly fills us with surprise and joy - that the value of this book is not just seen by us, but by practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Now that we are past the halfway mark of writing this book, we have decided to update you on a mere drop of the content it will hold. Within this book, you will find:

- The truth about External Forces.
- How to make every single working a success.
- The secret of sigils and seals.
- How to awaken the God within.
- The Lucifer Codex.
- How to create the most powerful divination method you will ever use.
- Secrets of the soul, Heaven, Hell and the afterlife.
- The divine magick of the self.
- Developing the will and intent as a Spiritual Titan.
- The true tools of magick.
- Achieving spiritual ascention.
- The Gnostic Codex.
- Transformation using Spiritual Alchemy.

We like to say that this book has been thousands of years in the making - and we do not say this cheaply, as the content of this book includes certain codexes written by many people throughout history, who simply could not say what they wished due to misunderstanding and persecution. All of which, ironically enough, state the same thing to those who know where to look and what to look for. All of this are gathered, added to and clarified by us in dedication and affection - as after all, this is our personal paradigm.

The path detailed in The Hexagrammaton is born from the truth and codexes of numerous religions, paradigms, and as mentioned others before us. This is not a book of Left Handed or Right Handed application and this is not another book on magick, nor is it some New Age “self help” guide - it is the Paradigm of Gods.

This book can be used by practitioners of any paradigm of practice, with any skill level, holding any religious belief - or by those who hold none at all. Any person can apply what is written herein. When you peruse this book, your life and viewpoints will be impacted - without a doubt.

We know that we have been very secretive on this book and the content, however you will soon realize why. More details will be given when the time is right. In the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed to the dedicated newsletter form yet - we insist you do so! (It's on the homepage of our website)


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