A list of reference material for Hekate research.

Syncretic Egyptian / Graeco-Roman magic from the collection of texts known as the Papyri Graecae Magicae.
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Re: A list of reference material for Hekate research.

Post#31 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:24 am

monsnoleedra wrote:Yet all three get tied together via the Rape of Persephone mythos, the Eleusinian Mysteries, The wanderings of Demeter and the withering of the crops / barren earth mythos,

I am nearly convinced that these two parallel myths relate the factual events of the end of the last Ice Age. This is no new idea, it just makes sense. There was some kind of worldwide cataclysm that ended up where the only people who survived were living at elevation in Turkey or the Himalayas, and afterwards some went down one side of the mountain and some went the other way, and so repopulated the world. Some became the Indus Valley people, and some became Mesopotamia, depending on which side of the mountain they went down. The mythology remembers the same events in slightly different ways. It's Noah's Ark from the viewpoint of some other Arks.

If Idries Shah is to be believed, the cult of Kali as the Thugs had as their foundation the tale of how a monster demon threatened the world, and the Thugs were the only people who would lend a hand to help against it. In return they were given special treatment, symbolized by the pick, the dagger, and the silk rumal which was used to strangle, stab, and bury foreigners who represented a national threat. They also got to keep the loot, which in the late 19th century had piled an incredible sixty foot high pile of treasures situated before a black goddess of colossal proportions draped in all the dazzling ornaments of Indian religion, somewhere deep in a cavern in the mountains.

The underlying story is that there was an elemental terror and a period during which more than just human life was seriously threatened with extinction. The story of Persephone is the same overall scenario, a world so bleak that even Zeus must beg for an intervention. The knowledge of how the world made it through all that was understood as somehow formulaic, a set of abstract ideas that needed to be communicated to the future generations, and so from ancient times you have the mystery cults.

Hecate possesses a blue stone, retrieved from Prometheus (instead of Shiva, who is also eternally destroyed and renewed), which was wrapped in a golden chain. This was a specific stone, a magical stone and a unique gem that only she possessed. Because it is blue, this is referred to as a sapphire, but I have a strong suspicion that some of the famous blue diamonds of the world are fragments of a blue diamond retrieved from an Indian statue of Kali such as that discovered by the British. I cannot recall the source of the description of the treasury, but there is a record of a chain of gold as thick as the arm of a man, six hundred feet long. This would be a unique object, a drapery for a divine statue, and is that precise relic possibly a part of this myth, separated by so much time? Was there ever something so amazing that people could spread a tale of it over all those years?

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Re: A list of reference material for Hekate research.

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Great post Chrysophylax. The concept of a mass threat to humanity IS supported genealogically & genetically, as we don't have the same kind of genetic viability or variability that we would expect to see in our species. We seem to be "missing" at least one (probably two) groups of genetically different humans who would have "rounded out" our gene pool.

Its a wild theory & a difficult topic to research, but if this is true, it definitely coincides with the argument being made here. We'd only be missing those groups of people & their associated cultures if some manner of extinction-causing event were to have occurred somewhere in our history. This is supported in myths all over the globe and we can see the holes, so to speak, so there's likely some truth to it.

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