Absorbing Akasha into Bloodstream

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Absorbing Akasha into Bloodstream

Post#1 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:38 pm

I have been practicing the meditations regarding akasha inhalation from step 6 for several weeks now, my standard practice includes filling my entire body with akasha while focusing on the mastery of a particular elemental. Once my entire body is full, I transfer my consciousness to my center and contemplate fully on the mastery of the element through the akasha, while try to identify fully with the akasha void. After several minutes of this, I finish the exercise by directing the akasha in my body along with my intent into my bloodstream. This full-body absorption leads to an intense ecstatic feeling that lasts for several hours afterwards and sometimes makes it hard to stay in the present. This exercise is usually a preliminary to an actual elementary inhalation exercise. I've noticed an increase in energy throughout the day, as well as general improvement in working with the elemental fluids. My question is basically whether or not it is safe for my nervous system to continue this full body absorption long-term. In the preliminary akashic breathing exercises Bardon describes the directing of akasha into the bloodstream, but in the later exercises for clairaudience Bardon instructs the practitioner to release the akasha back into the universe. What do you guys do?

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