My unintentional meeting with Aluph

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My unintentional meeting with Aluph

Post#1 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:27 pm

I am doing as much reading as I can in anticipation of working with spirits. After reading Talerman's description of Aluph, where he offered to assist Talerman to make a wand, I for some reason said his name out loud and thought 'what a helpful spirit, I would like to contact him at some point'. To be clear, I had no intention of doing so at the time, as I am still working on core exercises. I learnt a valuable reminder of the power of the spoken word.

I had a rush of energy like a woosh if that makes sense, and closed my eyes. I saw a cross in a circle, which was bubbling with flame energy and I recognised it as the same circle cross for malkuth but all fire rather than the other elements.

I went through this and saw in the corner of my eye a bright blue orb which I recognise as a spirit presence from my young and foolish ghost chasing days. A figure getting closer moving in a zig zag through the flames until its head and shoulders were right in front of me, with the fire all around him.

No physical features beyond the shape, but the intense dark purple brown of fire at the root of intense huge flame. He patiently waited. I was stunned, but came to my senses and asked for help with transformation, which I realise is not his domain but it was all that popped into my head. He promptly responded Azrael and went back up in the same zig zag and I opened my eyes. This was all over in a couple of minutes.

So not only did I inadvertently evoke him, I automatically used the tree of life as a gate to do it without thinking. I am grateful for the contact and positive experience, and will be better prepared should it happen again in the future having experienced it.
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