Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.

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Last night I had a good vision, after evoking the entity "erzla" from the great table upper left. I wanted some information this entity could have been in the position to provide, and suffice to say, I got plenty of that.

The entity was taller, like the elf from LOTR, and at first its (blond/long?) hair waved about like floating in the water, and soon I could tell it was moving in a breeze, or like a model in front of a low power wind machiene. Red and white rubber bands held (braids?) in it's hair. White robe with a yellow or pale yellow waistbelt...

It offered a vision of the Egyptian giza plateau. And the (Mojave?) which both unfolded in a show of knowledge along the lines of my questioning It had a gold band on its head, blazing white gold engraved in the band was its name in its language, highlit in a burning red flame.

It was a successful evocation, I sat in front of my holy table, woodburned and personalized with the unicursal hexagram and non parallel lines in the center 3x4 table. There was a candle, and a 3 by four ft mirror in front of the table, where I'm doin my scry and meditate thing.

I prayed a while first, in their language, latin, and English... basic glory be and our fathers, with some singing mixt into. I had evoked Elemiel earlier for healing of spiritual torment, which went well... my heart and head were... lifted. Strange way too, I just suddenly realized how pointless and self inflicted my suffering was, and let go of an old hurt, or started letting go. The person who hurt me was likely blacked out drunk, and the offense cannot be quantified by childish reasoning, if they don't remember that they hurt me, how long can I let myself hurt? Let it go, and pray for their memory and my healing, and I did.

Overall good time.
God our god will reign eternal.

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