my occullt matters and enochian

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my occullt matters and enochian

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excuse me if i miss-spell anything,about a 3year's ago i took the book modern magick and a hand full of books on qabalah that i had purchased to begin reserching ceremonial magick hermemtic ect.im33 years of age ive been into the occult for a very long time but never like this,i begain too proform the rituals from donald micheals books after re-reading the sections repeatedly over and over for a thurough understanding of the material after a while i started too exspiriance chronic migrian headaches that would sap my energy for the hole day.mybe it was just my head? hell every one has headaches right? but as i have seased the rituals kno more headaches,but then again mybe i was doing the rituals i think back what i did do wrong was proform rituals every single day.what i notice though is the more elaborate the rituals the strongers the pain was,now this could all be subjectivly in my head.after i started proforming the watch tower riutal and going through the portal the headaches got so bad i had too stop practicing the rites,what i can tell u is the pilimanary material presented in the books work vibrating the god names invoking the arch angels vizualizing and drawing the pentagrams in sequence and losing yourself in the rituals really does put you in a alterstate only after the burden of practice and rehersal of the rituals then actually preforming them.the qabalistic cross imo alone puts the practioner in a sort of wake up state it gives u some type of energy you should feel even more awake after doing a ritual like a type clairity or jolt you git for preforming on to my real questions now kraigs book is the hybread system of the golden dawn striped of the grade iniations i my self striped out all the low magick teachings and practiced only the trancendental after awhile i just openly became aware of the fact that this preticular magick is geard towards enochian but gives statements on proforming goetic my opinion no one should mix enochian with goetia inless exspiranced there for the book should have just advised one holey towards enochian magick,that is shurly to confuse the my question is this after doing all that stuff what was it giting me prepaird for? shurely not goetia when you have the solomonic master pokerunyon and others for advice on other question is this its been a lil over a year since i proformed anything are those energys sighns pentagrams (in theory and practice) still locked inside my etheric body if i stoped practicing for a while do they dessolve our are the gates still open wich means i can rehash the material and start back were i was the watchtower.and if so were does that leave me in all this?yes the trancendental part is teaching you how to call down and draw these force's within you but it does not guide you in a clear conscious direction of doing any actually work gears towards that system wich is enochian and a mix of cabalism most of the books ive seem including lon milo book wich is great for the source material but does not give you applications for step by step process to initiate 1 self in order to start doing actual work and giting actual resualts.please comment on this matter thanks.

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