Evoking the Angels of the Sigillum

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Evoking the Angels of the Sigillum

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I started a series of workings with the angels of the sigillum. Here's some info for people who'd like to do the same. So far I'd say the angels of the sigillum are in feel, very helpful, kind and patient.

The planetary correspondences of the angels are from the vision where the angels appeared to Dee carrying a sphere of metal attributed to their planet. The angels appeared in the order of gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, mercury and lead. (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn).

The following tables are taken from Colin D. Campbells book Magic Seal of Dr. John Dee, but in the traditional order of the days for convenience. I highly recommend getting this book if you're planning working with the ee's of the Sigillum.

* Swapped from how Campbell had them

God name: Gethog
Secret divine name: BTZKASE
Archangel: Gabriel
Daughter of Light: Me
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Ab
Son of Light: Ih
Son of the Sons of Light: An

God name: Innon
Secret divine name: IMEGCBE
Archangel: Cumael
Daughter of Light: Akele
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Ekiei
Son of Light: Heeoa
Son of the Sons of Light: Rocle

God name: Aaoth
Secret divine name: ILAOIVN
Archangel: Raphael*
Daughter of Light: Azdobn
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Madimi
Son of Light: Beigia
Son of the Sons of Light: Hagonel

God name: Horlon (or Horlwn)
Secret divine name: DEIMOLA
Archangel: Zadkiel
Daughter of Light: Iana
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Ized
Son of Light: Dmal
Son of the Sons of Light: Liba

God name: Thaoth
Secret divine name: HEIDENE
Archangel: Haniel
Daughter of Light: Ese
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Ath
Son of Light: Ilr
Son of the Sons of Light: Ave

God name: Galethog
Secret divine name: IHRLAAL
Archangel: Zaphkiel
Daughter of Light: Stimcul
Daughter of Daughters of Light: Esemeli
Son of Light: Stimcul (sic)
Son of the Sons of Light: Ilemese

God name: Galas
Secret divine name: SAAIEME
Archangel: Michael*
Daughter of Light: El
Daughter of Daughters of Light: S
Son of Light: I (i)
Son of the Sons of Light: El

Oration (my version in enochian):

Conjuration of Madimi

(Move and appear, powerful spirit of God of Justice, [MADIMI])
Zacad ca od Zamran, micalzo gah a Iadbaltoh, [MADIMI]
(In this name of God [Aaoth] and the secret name [ILAOIVN])
a-oi dooaip MAD [Aaoth] od laiad dooaip [ILAOIVN],
(out of whom creation continually descends and raises)
geta casarma Qaa pild uniglag od farzm.
(In this name Daughter of Daughters of Light move and appear)
A-oi dooaip Pasbs-a-Pasbs (Noromi a Noromi for Sons of Sons) de olpirt Zacad ca od Zamran:
(and be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same your God, a true worshipper of the Highest).
zorge, lap zirdo noco MAD, Hoath Iaida.

Campbells version in english based on the Heptameron:

I hereby conjure the most powerful, holy & potent angel of God [Child of Light],
through and by the most sacred name of God, creator of all that is upon the earth,
the seas, and the heavens, [God Name]. By this mighty name, I further command and
move thee from thy Order of [Angelic Order] by virtue of the mighty Archangel [Archangel],
who dwelleth in the celestial abode of [Planet], to appear unto me here in this place to answer
unto my desires to the Glory of His ineffable Name. Amen.

Both versions work by my experience very well. Madimi actually turned up before I had the chance to start anything at all, after I had everything set up and were waiting for the correct hour. :D

As for ritual equipment, all I've used has been the large wax sigillum.
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