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Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.

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Experience: Enochian Manifestation

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Alright, so when I first got started here I had only become interested in Enochian and not practiced. Thank God, I've been able to put together the equipment mostly according to Dee's specs, with minimal substitution. My Holy Table is 3x3, however I lack the carpentry skill to make proper legs for it, so it sits upon my table with the red silk cloth on the table and the seals beneath the Holy Table in the place of the feet. My scrying receptacle is a natural quartz crystal with some inclusions that rests upon an old white-gold wedding band that has been consecrated as the receptacle for the stone. Ring is sterling plated with 24k gold, lamen is brass also plated with gold. The big SDA I made myself out of organic beeswax (cost about 10 or so dollars on eBay), the little ones I bought from another practitioner and they are made of wax. Ensigns were etched by a friend and practitioner in 95~% tin pewter.

To give the context of how I work Enochian, thus far the Heptarchia Mystica, I stick primarily to the method extrapolated from Dee's journals, with elements from other Renaissance magick practices. Area is sprinkled with blessed water, after which I say the Prayer of Enoch, personal prayers, and a re-written Fundamental Obesciance invoking the four quarters by the names of God in Angelic. From here I say the first two calls, which seem to be mostly agreed upon to be good for any operation involving conjuration. After this, in Heptarchic conjurations I take the seal of the king, made in birch wood, in my left hand; the princes seal is seat upon the Ensign of his day, and the ministers are placed beneath my feet. All the conjurations are done sitting, very freeform conjuration invoking the spirits by their names, and in the name of Y-H"""V-H Tzevaoth and Iaida. No incense is used whatsover, rather the electric lights are turned off and two olive oil candles lit. All Ensigns are placed upon the table, on the white silk cloth which separates between the SDA and Holy Table. Upon which I place a mixed color silken cloth, blue and gold brocade, with tassels. The crystal rests upon this.

In short, what I've noticed in these conjurations is the room becomes filled with white mist and then there are different colors of sparkling light before the arrival of the spirit. In contrast, in conjurations of the other angels such as the Olympic spirits or the Archangels and their Intelligences beneath them, this effect doesn't seem to happen. What I've noticed at least is the "curtain" or colorful doorway that appears in the crystal before the arrival of the angel and then there will be light filling the area around the scrying receptacle, if not the entire room, but not this mist effect. The "curtain" does not appear to be a thing in Enochian conjurations, at least not in the Heptarchia Mystica works, at least in my own experience.

In terms of the manifestations of results, direct ones of which I cannot speak of here, they manifest in a far more direct and obvious way than the other spirits that I've worked with, which include the Olympic spirits, planetary Archangels, and demons. Suffice it to say that if you have a need for something and you conjure the spirit and commune with it and express what you need, you will very rapidly see the signs of their assent. The key thing appears to be phrasing it in the context of bringing glory to God's name, which to be fair should be done in all Angelic operations, whether Enochian or something else, considering this is oft part of the conjurations of celestial spirits in many grimoires.

Just wanted to share. It'd be interesting to hear from others who have experimented with this and their own perceptions of the spirits.

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