Materials for the Implements

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Materials for the Implements

Post#1 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:38 pm

After engaging in some prayer, I have received my sign to get started prepping for Enochian work through finding a Pele ring of good quality for quite cheap, thank God. It's even in an Elizabethan style signet ring, which makes it even better. I commissioned also a lamen for highly affordable plated in 24k gold from a craftswoman in England.

So now it comes down to the other implements. Thus far I have invested about $450 into the system and I'm not (yet) wealthy. I'm trying to figure out what will be the best way to acquire/make the other implements utilized in the system as presented by Dee. Admittedly I'm mostly wanting to hear from those who have experimented with this form of magick in the Dee purist vein. So to make this a little more organized, here is my list of questions:

- Is there any important symbolism as to size of altar cloths? I'm using Aaron Leitch's Enochian Grimoire as a reference for materials and ritual format and he says there that one should use a two yard square red silk cloth, is this measurement necessary?

- Must the Holy Table be 36" by 36" or can it be a bit smaller?

- I intend on making a proper Sigillum Dei Emeth out of wax, but I'm concerned about the smaller ones what the Table rests upon. Will the wax hold up or will it get squashed? Will paper work or must it be from wax?

- How much base materia changes can be made? I'm concerned about finding sweet wood in a remotely reasonable price-range in my area.

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