Coming back to Enochian work

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.

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Coming back to Enochian work

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After a very long time being away from this craft I decided to pick up enochian work again, this little journal entry will be my experience and also a journal to update my experiences and to talk about what I've learned since the time of my previous enochian work.

I started my magical journey in high school, senior year I was interested heavily in Magic and that led me somehow to the enochian system. Once I thought I got a good bearing on the system how to conjure and the calls more or less I would perform my rituals either on top of the roof of my apartment building that I was staying at at the time or when my neighbor allowed me to cat-sit for her I would do it in her apartment. My first Enochian ritual was that of the king of the Eastern / air tablet and that didn't go as well as I wanted it to. The king told me and these words more or less haunting me for a long time, " this is not of my office, and frankly I do not care however I will pass my influence over what you have asked me it will not be to your liking" thinking back on it now I was kind of running on the high of being able to do the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram without looking at my notes and I thought I was the king of the world in that time, so if I wanted my high school football team to win a game why not summon the enochian king of Air to insure my team's Victory? Even though I didn't care about sports whatsoever. I would try and try progressively getting better and better each time however it was difficult work and I did a lot of missteps along the way but with each time I got better, the spirits even said so themselves they saw me as a quickly maturing magician in my art. My last Enochian work before today was in my freshman year of University when one of my friends got sick with a very serious infection and I'm going to Talisman for them Golden Dawn Style and Enlisted the help of the Mercury senior of the element of air and very surprising results, they got better within that week the doctors projected that they would be getting better minorly within 3 weeks, and we're very surprised that their body handled and responded to the drugs very well almost miraculously.

So today I am a 3rd year university student and in between studying for calculus 3, physics 2, and doing laundry I found the time to squeeze in a watchtower ritual. Two days before I did a reading of one element I should work with and what spirit in particular, it came out mostly fire and the one distinguishable planetary energy was a Venus so naturally I decided to do a ritual working with the Venus senior of the Watchtower of the South / fire. I have an enochian notebook where I written down everything that I've learned since my time in high school that I continue learning and I did the ritual which I will outline below.

Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
Lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram
Acrivating the Lamen and pele ring
Activating the holy table (Lon Milo Duquette style)
Saying the names of the sigilum de Ameth
Drawing the invoking fire pentagram with the symbol of Leo in the middle.
Recited calls 1 and 2 to Conjure EHNB
Recited call 6 to Conjure BITOM
I recited the 3 God names
Called upon the king of the tablet
Did the Enochian conjuration
"Ol vinu od zodakame, ilasa gahe AAPDOCE od elanushe vaoresagi iaida, gohusa pujo ilasa, darebesa!
Dooiape EHNB
Od Dooiape BITOM
Ol vinu ta od zodameta, ilasa gahe AAPDOCE"
Did my work
Closed the space

The Experience itself was very surreal, invoking these angels again after a very long time is like seeing old friends and they make it very well known, at least to me what their opinions are of my development. Because I do call the senior once very long time ago when I was looking recklessly for a romance. And the story is is that the senior didn't give it to me not because it couldn't but because it didn't want to, and it made a comment to me as one of its first remarks after almost 4 years of not seeing me was " asking for personal growth instead of romance, my my how have we grown", which is really funny because I didn't remember this, and it might be in my subconscious mind or something Way far back but it remembered me and what I asked for. Anyway the ritual went off without a hitch I was in the presence of 2 archangels King of the tablet and my desired senior, I basically asked for the senior what it recommends for my life what it thinks it should do in my life to help me and it's office. And it said to me, " your Venus is stable like Earth, reliable like air, and fluid as water, but it likes that Primal fire and I shall reignited for you", so it told me to write up a contract outlining what will be done, but to keep it as vague as possible so that I can do the most work with the least amount of constraints, but I made the contract on my end very specific so that it doesn't interfere with those people free will or harm them in any way mentally physically or spiritually, I consider emotionally a mental faculty so that's covered and I made that very clear. It asked me to give it a candle as a form of payment and a Gateway into my life for the time being I still feel its presence it's not as strong as it was during the ritual it's very subtle now. in high-school the moment I would conjure the king is when I would get insane vertigo and almost fall over so I don't have the conduct most my rituals sitting down or lying flat on my back, but now after my years of conjuring other being similar to these entities I felt his presence but it did not tip me over, don't get me wrong it was very strong but it didn't affect me as much.

So what do you guys think, please I I'm very open for discussion and to answer any questions that people may have, also I have other personal discoveries I've made while working in the system and studying it from a purely scholar standpoint and not as an active practitioner, but I use that in my workings.

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