Enochian "Tantric" Experience

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Enochian "Tantric" Experience

Post#1 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:50 pm

The premise of this account of an Enochian "Tantric" Magick working came from me recently purchasing the "Tarot of Ceremonial Magick" designed by Lon Milo Duquette. For those who are unfamiliar with this particular rendition of the Tarot, it is basically Crowley's Thoth Deck but rather than focus on divinatory purposes each card contains the sigils of the Qliphothic, Goetic, and/or Enochian pyramid-squares attributed to each of the 72 cards. For instance, the Three of Disks features the sigils of Astaroth (the day demon attributed to this card based on Zodiacal decans) and Andrealphus (night demon of the same decan), along with the Enochian square from the Water Tablet attributed to this card.

Basically the purpose of the working was to increase manifestation of Astaroth in my life, via elevation of Enochian currents attributed to this spirit. Some Enochian purists will be screaming by now, but remember the Golden Dawn employed the Enochian Watchtowers in their Initiation Ceremonies and Evocations as battery-energy-storehouses to provide the proper Elemental Astral basis to manifest other energies. It is with this holistic approach that I assembled the following rite.

On the altar should be a full size Water Tablet, covered by a blue cloth. Two white or blue candles should serve to light up the Temple. On top of this should be both the Sigil of Astaroth from the Goetia and a large reproduction of the particular square indicated on the appropriate Tarot Card.

Process is simple: Once you have opened the temple with your preferred banishing ritual, invoke the element of Water via Pentagram and Fourth Enochian Key. State you intent in plain language afterwards, then simply consecrate the square with sexual fluids or blood. Note: this will really, and I mean really, awaken and activate the Enochian forces, so be prepared for lots of astral energies roaming around and other synchronicities in your life.

And that's it!

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