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Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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First Impressions

Post#1 » Thu May 22, 2014 1:08 pm

I have just started out with Enochian practices. I have read in so many places that the work is dangerous and comes with many consequences. However, the general feeling I get is that these spirits are very good for personal development more than commanding around. If the person does not "Know thyself" or have a true desire for inner reflection and a genuine concern, I see how it could become dangerous and chaotic. Again, I don't have much experience with the system or even high magical systems.
My first experience was the end of last year. I did the call to work with the first aethyrs TEX. ( I mainly do rituals before bed because dream work is my strongest point. I don't have to be necessarily asleep to induce a dreamlike state and actually "dream" but I prefer to compare the impressions with my conscious dreamlike state to the dreams that occur during sleep.) Anyway, after the ritual there were two spirits, one on my right and one on my left. This gave me a sense of protection, and grounding. They guided me to places I had lived before, showed me things about my past. What was rather unexpected was;I had been having nerve pain in my back. One of the spirits placed their hand on my back and a heat ran up through my back that was almost painful , but when it was done the pain was gone. Days after this experience I had a few intermittent spasms and than the pain completely vanished.Weeks after I had some personal revelations that enabled me to tackle some long term problems I've had and for the first time in many many years, feel like they are under control.

My next experience was last night. My child has battled some issues with depressions and has gotten into some legal problems. I was a wreck. I decided to work with spirits of the Earth of Earth. As I began, I barely had any energy, my mind felt scattered and I just felt weak and started the calls just unenthusiastically, almost as If I didn't even wanna be doing it. But then this wave of energy started to seep into me, a feeling of strength. I kept going through the calls and my body became hot and flushed. A burning sensation on the back of my neck. I could hear a voice telling me to keep going, or move on, or you already did that. When it was over I just laid back and tried to clear my head. I started to feel nauseous and got the impressions that these physical effects were more of a purification. Needless to say, there was a very strong male presence with me through the night. Like he was guiding me through my mental turmoil. Feelings of great empathy, and love came from this presence and all throughout the night were strong dreams where he was guiding me through my emotional fears. Today I feel much more calm, but I will continue to work with this particular aspect.

I do not fear these spirits and I'm curious if any of you who have more experience have worked with these spirits in a more practical sense for guidance and introspect? What have been your results?

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