sun moon meditations

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sun moon meditations

Post#1 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:34 am

ror (the sun... ROAR!)
the sadness of extended decay drips from multiple abodes of not
graa (the moon... GRAY!)
swirling into itself the sad decay spreads wings in existence in extension

I was falling asleep and these two words came to mind. I saw the R's in "ror" as dripping tears into "no-thing". I saw the O replicating each drip of this "being". When I looked at the word GRAA, I saw the swirling of this exastance, in comparasin to the ROR finding attachment to the sadness of "R" by dividing through "logaeth" via the wings opposite the G position of "R", i.e. the a's seemed to pinpoint two sides of a leaf at the same square.

Um, anybody but avathar_behemoth, does this make any sense? Ugh, so lets say that boom, god creates, then divides, then adds light, speech. So logaeth is that light, recorded from each part of the divided waters.

Give nalvage and the "logaeth brince lox zirdo" each one side of the "final leaf", and fold it away, or imagine its not being..... this perfect state beyond some veil, im tired. The unfolding of it into existence is recorded by "stars" mourning existence? :p

Then, it goes to figure in my sleepy state of mind, whatever is a part of this light dance, leaves evidence in the form of matter, which one race (hominoid on this rock) eventually masters, and in the continual experience and recording of it, forever seperates from the creator, unified to it yet by experiencing its being.

Its like "every man and every woman is a star"..... as cool as that is, those are bodies.... wheres the whole? In logah I think the last page is like the "space station" in the greater hole. The first page, to us with many letters, prolly records our own travel through this "hole" back to the silver age... I mean, how much will memes really pass on after the ice age, especially if anything recorded of us is animalistic..... those are "latent good memes" anyway, and much a product of our reactions to this environment with or without a leg up from anyone or thing else. So we watch ourselves, and meet aliens in the past.... I mean, time travel is required to maintain a multistar existence on a non-collective conscious level. Groupmionds like the borg would find space as one for the time it took, and the divisions required to keep entertained through distance kinda grandfathers into the collective conscious thing, many nodes, so using replenishing needed stuff to move slowly is a matter of storage only for the movement, not for extra "vessel" functions. I know, im rambling AB.

Im always preoccupied with time travel, I think its possible thru loga, I mean, restores holy books,true account, all knowledge.... sounds like youturn into hyperlight and float above and beyond this time and spaceline to me.... but, and its a mega but, that's to me <3

Thanks for the time it must take to read through this junk. Hail Satan ;) . Muah ha ha ha.

On my way to sleep. G'nite.
God our god will reign eternal.

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