I was wondering...

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I was wondering...

Post#1 » Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:19 am

Instead of summoning a Veve sigil from voodoo help me with my witchcraft/spell, could I ask a demon from Ars Goetia to help me through the witchcraft/spell using a voodoo doll? OR does it HAVE to be a Veve sigil that has to be used?

I am quite unsure if I have worded the question correctly but I am hoping someone out there can give me an advice on this. I just don't feel very comfortable using Veve sigils because, for some odd reason, they give me an irking sensation in my gut. For me, Veve sigils represent Catholicism and I'm trying to drive away from that. I prefer black magick in itself that has nothing to do with Saints. What I am trying to do is do a self healing spell and I want to use Buer but I also want to create a voodoo doll of myself to do the healing. You think that mixing the Goetic demon with a voodoo doll would bring chaos and destruction to my health or will it better my situation? Will it be a good idea or not?

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