voodoo without initiation

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voodoo without initiation

Post#1 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:54 pm

I was always interested in the voodoo, In fact, I just had a friend, Along with me doing NAP and her doing voodoo, we were able to put justice to the woman that robbed her and left the state. She got a allergic reaction, and had a warrant for her arrest, was the end result, In fact, I dont know if the NAP or the voodoo really did the job.

My point and question is, How do Approach the voodoo loa without initation. I did this one time, and got burnt bad, but there are some people in this forum that can do this, and the loa will accept them. I'd like to try the lwa again, but I want to approach them right, without initiation. A proper lineage is needed because any spirit can pose as lwa, but still im interested in trying a few things with the lwa, to "test the spirits" and befriend them as well

any suggestions?

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