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Libro de majika negro

Post#1 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:17 pm

Whatsup gents, gals and otherworldly things.
So previously my life has been in shambles here’s a quick short story on why.
Age 15 is where I begin my journey that I did not know would leave me here today, School. New kids on the block and we ended up being cool smoked some blunts created a bond till this day we still chat so they indtroduced me into Santeria and I was able to see a lot of rituals and pots that were home topowerful spirits, branches from a specific tree that you chewed would have a sort of invisibility from prying eyes or bystanders, we ended up stealing mail from an ex cop. So dumb lol anywho fast forward half a year or so I got sent to Cuba for vacation met some cousins and family that I dearly missed and had a blast but it changed when I met a Santero who taught me a lot and even gave me some spells to protect myself and I could use his spirit for any aid if I called upon him. Pretty intense stuff I had rituals of cleansing done i was showed the works of palo or spirits also told me about a certain black magic book that appears and the only way to read it is your spirit to do it for you or else the effects will do something probably not to good. Chants for the saint are long as fuck btw ended up with him sweating and one part of the chant took about 10 minutes idk how he remembers it all.
Anywho I’m 20 years old now and would like some direction in books to read to understand bm my goal is to use the spirits to attain a certain amount of fortune and travel the world to unlock the secrets of the unknown and transcend this humanly world as my time comes to an end I refuse to end it there, I need to become something else. So to sum it all up some direction in books to read to properly ascend to the astral world for knowledge and books to read for understanding and the summoning of demons for material knowledge. Thanks in advance my friends.

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