a question in regards to Vodou

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a question in regards to Vodou

Post#1 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:04 pm

For the time being my questions are purely for academic reasons. Should I ever pursue this as a practice, I will do it the right way by finding a society and learning hands on. But I had a few questions I haven't been able to get answers on.

1. From what I see in books and forums, it seems like while a practitioner serves all the lwa, the vast majority of ceremonies only deal with Rada lwa. Is this true in the actual practices or is it a pretty even amount of ceremonies dedicated to both Rada and Petro. I'm just not sure if it seems like the practice is serving the Rada more just because any public info is about the Rada which is supposed to be easier to work with.

2. I have been through books and websites to find about 5 different (but similar) Rada order of services. But not a single Petro order of service. Does a public one exist? Would love a link.

3. I see lots of times when reading a ceremony it will just say "sing Legbas songs and play his drum rythms". But they never list what those are? Is this something different from house to house or is there is general consensus on the songs and drum rythms of the different Lwa. If so where can this information be found.

4. Just a general question. Why does there seem to be such a distaste for New Orleans Voodoo. I understand it's it own thing, similar but different from Haitian Vodou. I understand it's not considered authentic. But it seems I keep reading people saying it's just this terrible disgrace, yet some people seem to be getting very real reaults and spiritual growth in it. So what's the real story here?

Thank you such for taking the time to share any experiences with me and answer my questions.

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