The HGA in West Africa and the diaspora (a quick Survey)

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The HGA in West Africa and the diaspora (a quick Survey)

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I thought I would help the debate surrounding the Knowledge and conversation of the HGA seen in the general magic forum by contributing the West African perspective from my own studies and experiences.
The problem is compounded in the
The Congolese ba’kinda system is very similar to Cuban Palo Mayombe. Ba’kinda has the concept of the HGA.
The Yoruba Traditional Religion (YTR)as practiced in West Africa has a detailed concept of the HGA and is suprisingly similar to the Abramelin perspective in that the Knowledge and conversation of the HGA gives the ability to command the Orisha. This sounds amazing but the situation is make very clear in the first double Odu. Those that know the invocation knows who threw Eshu into ketu, Shango to Koso etc. The HGA is seen as the Supreme Orisha under Olodumare. The individual HGA is central to the YTR system. The so called Western Esoteric tradition does adequately explain the origin of the HGA. The YTR states that when we as eternal beings decide to incarnate we go before Olodumare and request leave of absence to go to earth. Once this leave is granted we are instructed to go and choose our destiny/HGA. Destiny is road map or blue print for our life on earth. The HGA is the onboard navigation computer. The reader should ask themselves how many western traditions provide a theory of the origin of the HGA? I am not bashing the HGA but it is necessary to use reason to clarify the current state of confusion in the west. At the moment of birth we all black out and forget what the destiny we chose entailed. This is the reason we have divination. The dwells in our heads. The HGA is NOT THE TUTELARY ORISHA. YTR is similar to the Ba’kinda in the view of the HGA. Ba'kinda do not do the crowning of deities as seen in the YTR, Lukumi and Candomble.

Some Palo Mayombe lineages have concepts of the HGA and practices. I had a wonderful conversation with some Tatas that were from a Mayombe con Mayombe house but I had not even got into Palo at that time.
The Lukumi Odu Ifa have a considerable amount comment in the divinatory corpus and the do have the practice of feeding heads hence people are encouraged to feed their heads regularly. The critical difference between the Lukumi and YTR is that the former does not seem to acknowledge the supremacy of the HGA as an orisha in the way that the later does.

Haitian voodoo has a concept of the HGA as the Bon Ange but I do not know that much about this system.

Magicians of all hues love to muddy the waters to show that they are the greatest. I can remember when a certain Lukumi Oriate had to leave Miami to receive the HGA as an orisha from the Candomble Oxala priestess Mae Maria in Brazil. I belongd to a lukumi house that worked exclusively with this knowledgeable Oriate so was due to receive the HGA as an orisha at some stage in the future. I asked several Cubans and their followers about this Orisha some said it was an “Invento” (a made up thing), some said secrets died out in Cuba, Others said it did exist but was only given to those elderly people who were showing signs of senility. When he returned and started to initiate these people to the HGA as an Orisha there was outrage and denouncements by his competitors. It was sad to see such wrongdoing done by those who claim to be Lukumi (i.e.) moving closer to YTR but still caught up in the commercial competition for clients.

I received the HGA as an Orisha but I had already received the Vision in Malkuth and the name and introduction in Tiphareth. As Usual one receives but is not fully trained in the practice. When I became a Babalawo mu understanding leapt and my practice became a lot better. 2013 my HGA saved my life because I was at rock bottom and surrounded by enemies.
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