Ways to Evaluate Your Posts Here and Avoid Being Ejected

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Ways to Evaluate Your Posts Here and Avoid Being Ejected

Post#1 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:20 am


1. Have I researched this or am I just expelling heated air because I like to talk?

2. Will it contribute to the knowledge base here or am I trying to siphon the knowledge of others?

3. Does it sound like I'm spell begging or sounding the forums for someone who might do magical work for me (even if I know that my intentions are not those of a person trying to dishonestly use the hard work of others for his own benefit)? For example, a common sort of post people make who are sounding the forum without trying to seem like they're spell begging is: What spirit do I use? What this is really saying is, I can't be bothered to read anything about this and I want to use your knowledge / ability instead. It also shows a hidden disrespect for magic and the people who work at it, which is something a lot of desperate people have, even when they're running to a sorcerer or a conjure worker to help them out of a jam.

4. Am I forcing my beliefs / morals on others, even though this is a community of many different belief systems and moral codes? Again, there is a passive-aggressive form to this which usually begins with, "Oh, I would NEVER summon a demon! :o I'm strictly working with angels!" And it usually ends with some kind of expressed or implied condemnation of those who do work with demons. Why would you act like this if you weren't applying your own morality to someone else? You wouldn't. So don't. It shows your Judeo-Christian bias, which is fine as long as you don't expect everyone else here to believe what you believe. A community like this only exists through tolerance.


5. Do I understand what Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) is as we use it here? This means that if I had a vision of E.T. coming at me with a butcher knife and I held him off with the Star Ruby, screaming, "GET THEE BACK, CHORONZON!" and it all worked out, that might mean something to me, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything to the people here. UPG is part of a lot of posts here. Just be sure to make sure you're not assuming that what you experienced amounts to universal truth because it leads you back to #4 above.

Things most people here love: magical philosophy, history, technique, the PGM, practical applications of various traditions, textual provenance of certain grimoires, the writings of past and present occultists who we (might) respect, and intelligent discussion stemming from advanced UPG.

Things most people here think are trash: religious moralizing, UFO stuff, word salad, spell begging, illiterate posts when it would take less than 2 minutes on Google to find an answer, trolling, pointless boasting, and failing to determine whether a question has already been answered here a million times.
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