I am often asked how do I teach practical magic and sorcery

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I am often asked how do I teach practical magic and sorcery

Post#1 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:02 pm

Dear Seeker after magical knowledge and secrets,

I am often asked by potential clients and students

how do I teach practical magic and sorcery?

The methods that I use were developed over many years of

studying the late martial artist Bruce Lee, and how he learned

to self actualize himself and reach his full potential.

Bruce Lee was often heard to remark that you should use whatever works

and discard whatever does not work. I use this myself in learning

methodologies and rituals and spells that work and discarding

whatever does not work.

In my magic, I first set my intent and very carefully word the request

for the outcome that I seek. I call the appropriate spirits for the magical

working that I am doing. I raise energy through chanting and through other means.

I then send the spirits and energies out into the world to do my bidding.

Finally I forget about the magical working until the next session.

When approached by a client or student, I only ask that you ask me good questions.

There are never any bad nor stupid questions. Because whenever you ask good questions,

I know how to turn that question into a practical learning experience for you.

Every successful magical working leaves a trail of related clues for you.

As the new magician and sorcerer, it is up to you to discover those clues

and to apply whatever works and to discard whatever does not work.

My role as your adviser and consultant and teacher,

would be to help you discover the cause of your own ignorance,

this being another quote from the late martial artist Bruce Lee.

I help you go beyond whatever is holding you back, whether that be

lack of belief, nagging self doubts or fear of spirits and the unknown.

You may then have the magical and worldly success that you want,

and you will then know through your own actual experiences in real time,

and that is what your own truth is, how to duplicate these and have

the same success again and again and again.

Brother ButterBall/Tim



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