Using NAP to block building works

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Using NAP to block building works

Post#1 » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:08 pm

I'm in a slight quandary about this and was wondering if someone could give me advice.

Up until now I've always used NAP only for positive things, affecting my own life.

We recently received information concerning a vast demolition/ development across the street from my house in what until now has been a very quiet area in London, destroying relatively new office buildings and creating flats and houses. The work could go on for years and would be very noisy and disruptive. My neighbours are beside themselves. So am I.

The reason I'm nervous to use NAP is I'm wondering if on a certain level I'd block myself, maybe at a later date &/or maybe it would be bad karma and a misuse of magic. Obviously, the building work would benefit all the people who would work on the development and the people who want to develop their land. By blocking the work using NAP, it may be unethical and have a boomerang effect.

Another question, if you thought it ethical to go ahead, which evocation would you use?

Many thanks in advance.


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