UPG: On the nature of Zoroel and Sabriel, as told by Michael

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UPG: On the nature of Zoroel and Sabriel, as told by Michael

Post#1 » Tue Mar 21, 2023 6:21 am

What follows is entirely UPG but might be interesting to see if it correlates with others experiences.

Yesterday I had been under a lot of stress all day, got a headache and went to bed super early.

While in bed I invoked Michael(I have had a long relationship with him in his solar aspect for half my life, I consider him my mentor in spirit, especially in spiritual matters of war, banishing, strength and tenacity)in case there was some spiritual reason for me being so beat down, as well as did the Zoroel and Sabriel invocation for healing.

I had never done this before, calling Zoroel and Sabriel with Michael as mediator. Since I have a clearer line of communication with Michael then any other spiritual being I asked him to facilitate contact and teach me about the nature of Zoroel and Sabriel.

The conversation goes as follows, all this will be abbreviated, as usual for me the experience was deeper then just question-answer, including non-verbal concepts, visuals and impressions:

"Can I trust Zoroel and Sabriel"

"Yes" With clear emphasis and a sense it would be benificial for me to work with them beyond the NAP framework.

"What is the nature, the purpose of Zoroel and Sabriel"

"They facilitate healing through the balancing of the physical and the mental. Zoroel heals the mind, Sabriel the body, and they work together to achieve healing from both angles"

I found this profound and asked for more detail, including plantery associations.

"Zoroel is of a lunar nature, Sabriel martial."
This surprised me
Then followed a strong series of visuals and impressions:
I saw a grid, lines of energy. Zoroel would play these lines like a musical instrument to create harmonies and remove dissonance.
"She sings the song of creation"
Impressions of a mother blowing and kissing on a childs blue knee
"She is the love that heals"
Myself listening to music and finding the experience catarthic or healing
"She IS the healing in music"

I saw a man running over a battlefield, a combat medic. At the same time, overlaid, a priest talking gently to a possibly, probably, dying man, easing the transition to the afterlife.
"Sabriel is like both. He is the archetype of the combat medic saving lives in the midst of danger, and sometimes the only healing is in doing what one can to ease suffering and helping to accept fate"
It hits me that in this Sabriel and Zoroel are alike, in gently calming a dying man Sabriel too expresses The Love That Heals. It's fun how these flash associations can transmit deeper meaning.

There was much more but I struggle with putting words to it, there was something about the strength of iron that i didn't quite get, and there was a sense that particularily Zoroel wanted me to learn to do what she does, she wants everyone to in fact, which gave me a further idea.

I have been getting into composing music with orchestral sound libraries and guitar. I have always had a ear for good music and much of my life revolves around it. But there's like a blockage stopping me from fully expressing MY music I feel, so I asked if Zoroel can help with this.

"Yes, she can teach you, and heal this issue over time"
I formally asked Zoroel to start this process, woving I would do my part to learn what she can teach.

There was also a impression that working with Zoroel and Sandalphon on this combined would be fruitful, while Michael and Sabriel would make a good pair in more general healing/banishing work due to their shared Martial aspect, ie they are both in essence variations on the theme Warrior, even if Michael is of the Sun for me, and Sabriel apparently from Mars :D

Somewhat surprisingly there was also a warning from Michael about Sandalphon, saying to be careful when stating my intention because Sandalphon is among the closest to the physical realm, and things might manifest so quick and strong it becomes disruptive to other parts of my life. Further, Sandalphon takes things very, very literally, hence the admonishment to think through what I ask before making a formal request. Does that make sense to anyone else? This is very standard spiritwork stuff of course, but to get this warning about the archangle called the closest friend of humanity by some was surprising.

For now, I take this as a warning to actually know what I should ask for before asking(always good anyway), and that it relates specifically to this dream, even need, of mine to be able to shape reality through my music, which has been in the back of my mind since my teens.

So, that was my UPG rant. As always, the proof will be in the pudding. I will follow up on this with focused work with Zoroel and possibly Sandalphon further down the line once I have a clear impression of what I need. It might be that I don't really know what I need to ask for yet, so I should wait, work with Zoroel and my music until I have correctly identified what exactly my issues are.

I also need to find angles of contact beyond the NAP framwork, I get the sense Michael will be helpful in facilitating this.
Overall, the experience was the strongest spiritual contact I have had in 2023, this far at least, which is why I felt the need to write it down here on SA.

May it be of use to others.


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Re: UPG: On the nature of Zoroel and Sabriel, as told by Michael

Post#2 » Tue Mar 28, 2023 4:41 am

Follow up: I have twice called on Zoroel, under the eyes of Arzel and Michael, to aid me in my musical development since this.

This has led to:

A realization that this( the feeling of a blockage in my creative process) is all related to my Kundalini awakening experience some 15 years ago, and that I need to return to my energetic work on keeping the main channel clear and free of obstruction, which has not been on my mind for many years.

A very nice experience where I totally got into the flow with my guitar one evening, nice riffs and licks and some very cool rythmic patterns came to me very easily, got material I can work with and develop into a song from it.

Yes, I do incorporate the seven chakra system in my magical practice, it resonates well with me personally even if it does not really fit the western system.

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