Adapting New Avatar Power

The methods and techniques outlined in The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb
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Adapting New Avatar Power

Post#1 » Sat Feb 25, 2023 4:42 am

One of the things I love about Sorcery is when Joe or Mary Sixpack come up with a nifty idea to marry two concepts together in the hopes of making something more potent &/or effective. I've been known to do this in the past.

For instance I was recently contacted by a young worker who was on another site where some creative Thelemic types fell in love with Miracle of the New Avatar Power and began to integrate it with all sorts of Crowley oriented stuff such as Enochian Magic, Zodiac Decans and Planetary attributions. In other words, these folks aren't content with the fact NAP works as is without any need for seals/sigils, Moon phases, or anything other than what NAP was presented with in the original manuscript.

While it is interesting to see how others integrate a system in with their own philosophies and doctrine, I can't help but wonder at the need for added complexity especially to a system that is already complex as it was originally presented. I say this only because by adding complexity (especially when it's unecessary), can interfere with your desired end result because when you add complexity you are adding more opportunities for your working to fail. When you imagine Sorcery acting the way electricity does, by taking the path of least resistance, the more complex a circuit is creates a greater risk of electric failure. Ideally the best rites/spells are ones where the chance for failure has been decreased by Occam's Razor so that only the necessities are present for the working to be effective.

My suggestions are thus:

1) Attempt your NAP work separately from all other spiritual work.

2) Use NAP by itself to test how its effectivenesws is for you.
---a) choose ONE simple project to work on using only NAP
---b) give it a real chance to work so allow 30 days for either a result or indication your desire is beginning to work
---c) note results in a notebook or diary for later comparison - this will be your original benchmark

3) Once you have a benchmark from which to operate, then you can begin the long tedious process of trying to refine your approach for more potent, lasting or fast results but resist the temptation to try to enhance all three qualities. Instead focus on one and see if you are able to enhance it alone. This can be as simple as:
---a) reducing anything unnecessary from your working or
---b) add something to your rite to try and balance it and aid its effectiveness (such as when one adds a "Blockbuster" candle to an Uncrossing ritual in the expectation for the candle to remove any blockages impeding the ritual's ultimate success.

And with the latter said, it should go without saying when you ADD something to enhance your ritual, make certain it is absolutely necessary and not just some sort of window dressing you're throwing in the mix in hopes it will cause your working to succeed. ADD ONE THING ONLY per ritual. This is how you will learn what actually works to enhance and successfully modify your NAP sorceries by testing the added individual ingredients.

Remember, the goal is to enhance, not change the ritual/spell's goal. You want to see what will actually work because not every enhancement you make will do anything. If adding a stick of Frankincense to the corpus of the NAP rite, then try it. Note results and compare to benchmark. Ask yourself questions such as,

"Any noticeable improvement after adding X enhancement?"
"Were results any faster in coming versus the benchmark's time?"
"Were the results longer lasting than benchmark test?"
"How did the final result(s) ultimately manifest as a result of your enhanced NAP work?"

Knowing the answers to such questions will help the sorcerer (or NAP worker) to gain better and ultimately more useful insights in how they can manipulate NAP to their working's best advantage.

In conclusion, yes I have used some ideas from correspondences with NAP but none that were for or from traditional ceremonial magicK systems such as the G.: D.:, Thelema, Aurum Solis and etc. Instead I have used my own correspondences from Sorcery oriented material with good effect. I feel this works because I have a far better understansding of how correspondences work within my own personal system than using published lists of correspondences - most of which just don't jive with my JuJu.

I would recommend the sincere practitioner spend time developing their own practice's correspondences all of which should make sense to you without having your requirement to study and learn someone else's correspondence choices. However you do as you wish as you ultimately will yet these are my suggestions to get the most out of any sort of adapting or enhancing NAP with outside materials.
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