My NAP experience

The methods and techniques outlined in The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb

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My NAP experience

Post#1 » Wed Aug 04, 2021 5:14 am

I have been working daily with NAP since the end of April and am happy to report positive results. Many thanks to Arzel, Kadriel, Zoroel, Sabriel, Mahashiah, Lelahel, and Ielahiah. Thank you to this forum for having so many amazing advice about working with the NAP. I bought the PDF version of the book, but I wrote down everything I planned to use and memorized them.

My routine is basically:
Burn Frankincense/Myrrh incense at least weekly
Relaxation ritual for the 15 minutes (Call to Arzel x3)
Central Pillar/ Circulation/Fountain
Bornless Chant x 3
Invocation and specific request x3
Coming Back

First, I just did the relaxation ritual for two weeks. It took me a few days to start feeling the NAP (tingling, warmth, tickling of the ant) and hearing from Arzel (I just get thoughts/impressions that are not mine). One time, I had a dream of me ritually washing my hands and feet which I took to mean to be clean before doing the ritual, so I make sure to shower beforehand. Then I added on the entire central pillar exercise with the Bornless Chant and got familiar with that part for another week.

For my first NAP chant, I invoked Kadriel for information about a concern I had and from there I get a series of synchronicities and realizations. During one of my meditation session, I get the thought to show a picture. So, I went online to try to find a picture and there I found new search results that were not there previously which answered a question I had.

About two months ago, some of my family members caught COVID and one had worrying symptoms. I didn’t want him to end up hospitalized, so I did divination via tarot to see if asking Zoroel and Sabriel would help. I got a definite yes. After three days of the health chant, the symptoms were completely gone. In contrast, the ones with mild symptoms had a residual cough that lasted for weeks. I did ask about them, but my readings advised me to let them heal on their own.

I started to do the Planetary Attracting and Banishing with Mars for self-discipline around food, but I only worked with it once because I had to move on to a legal issue. Initially, I started with the Defensive Armor Ritual before doing anything. I had a solution I wanted, so I did a tarot reading to see what would the outcome be if I asked Ielahiah for that solution. I drew The Tower which made me reconsider the issue. I came up with a new result I wanted and had a positive divination on that. Two days later, I find out the legal problem is resolved. I did not do the legal chant, but the timing was way too coincidental for it to not be related to the NAP. I confirmed through divination that it was Ielahiah and gave offerings as a thank you.

So far, I have been experiencing great results with this grimoire and am excited to keep working with it. My plan now is to go back to the Planetary Attracting and Banishing section and see if I can get results from it. The only thing I did not get anything from is the Magic Mentor exercise, I only get pure silence in my mind whenever I do it. I have only tried it three times, so maybe I just need to do it more.

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