A Man, A Plan, A NAP- Pan-anal Panama (A NAP Log)

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Re: A Man, A Plan, A NAP- Pan-anal Panama (A NAP Log)

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Yeah, Yeah, I Know- A Long Overdue Update

I can't be entirely faulted for taking this long...NAP has taken me on a hell of a journey. I've been very busy. Hernias are still there but mostly holding out okay. So I began doing some hardcore work with Kadriel. And now I'm a very well reviewed professional psychic.

I don't make a lot of money but that is still a crazy level of manifestation. Borderline NAP testimonial. No/little psychic experiece, then NAP, then pro. Boom. See my post "Online Occult Work?" in the General Magick Discussion forum for details about the job and process getting it. Some of Brand's Magickal Job Seeker was used for the interview process as well.

I keep doing the ritual to Kadriel every workday. I'm starting to feel like it might be overkill, but I also still really want to strengthen that relationship and deepen that connection. I know what Cobb says about stopping when results have been achieved, but...I could always stand to be a bit more psychic you know? So where do you draw the line on that manifestation? I do feel like my connection to Kadriel is still increasing.

Divination today indicates that it is time to work on increasing my client flow, so I'm going to do a bit of research and get started on that in the hour of Mercury coming up in a bit.

Two very odd things have happened during dreamtime that I wanted to bring up, since part of Kadriel's invocation asks them to bring you info both while waking and asleep...

First of all, allow me to preface this by saying that I have tremendous difficulty recalling my dreams. Might be due to all the weed. I smoke a fair bit of weed. And it really makes waking very hazy. Dream recall, even with regular journaling for me, is near zero. And I have not been regularly journaling lately. So that I can remember this with such clarity is a pretty big deal.

The first incident is difficult to describe any way other than that I was taught Hebrew while asleep. I may have been in the astral or something, I don't know, but someone was there teaching me the Hebrew alphabet. It was at like a school or a temple...everything was covered in gold. A large ornate scroll like the Torah was open in front of me but only the alphabet was on it. I think it might have been Kadriel who was standing beside me, and they were teaching me what all of the letters were and how each one actually had its own inherent energy and meaning and that the combination of those letters into words was a form of spellcraft unto itself. The letters squirmed and moved on the page of their own accord, but were still easy to read (reading in a dream....another first for me) as I pointed at them with the magic gold finger wand I've seen Jewish people point at the Torah with in movies. I was tested at the end, and got everything right except for the last four or so letters. I awoke feeling very proud of my accomplishments.

I've tried half-assedly to learn a little Hebrew in the past but to no avail. By half-assedly, I mean like looking at Wikipedia and saying, "ehhhhhhh, not today. Let's look at the Ark of the Covenant page again instead" and downloading it on Duolingo and quitting after two days. So maybe this was just my mind regurgitating that old info in a way that could finally stick. But brothers and sisters, it stuck. Got myself a digital copy of the Tanakh and I'm actually amazingly able to grind my way through it like some 12 year old Jewish kid. No horseshit. I learned the Hebrew alphabet in a dream. Can't do all the fancy vowel marks though. They only taught be the basic letters.

The other dream was....well...let's just say if you've read this far it's time for your reward. So I was in this shower...it wasn't my shower, it was like partitioned shower at a campground except indoors. Like at a bathhouse or something I guess? The floor and partitions were made of a deep reddish brown wood, and excess water from the shower drained easily between the planks. It was a very large shower, and private despite the communal or public feel of the surrounding environs.

A woman knocked on the shower door...she had a thick Mediterranean accent, and Greek/Itallian features. She looked like nobody I know. I don't remember exactly what she said to initiate the conversation, but I invited her into the shower. "You are not in love with your wife anymore?" she asked. "Meh, " I replied. She entered the shower and we fucked like crazy. As I approached climax, I tried to back off, insisting I couldn't right now. She grabbed at me demanding I keep going. "No!" she cried out. "Give me your seed and I give you powerrrrr!" I exploded inside of her, and as I awoke from my dream, was extremely surprised to find that I was still exploding. I am nearly forty years old, and THAT ladies and gentlemen, was my FIRST nocturnal emission. That has never, ever happened to me before. I am a hard man to make cum. That was very not normal, and it was simultaneously very real and surreal.

I don't know who she was. Kadriel? Maybe, but that seems a bit forward for Kadriel. A succubus? Hey, I've been doing a lot of energy work, and that attracts parasitic entities, so maybe. Could it be Eris? She and I have certainly made our overtures and flirtatious to one another in the past. Cut from the whole cloth of my imagination? I guess anything is possible. I keep feeling a very strange, almost erotic attraction to something since that dream though...the moon. Maybe it was her.

So yeah. Soapy shower sex with NAP ghosts made me JIZZ. IN. MY PANTS.


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