OBE after nap

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OBE after nap

Post#1 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:10 am

Hi all, long time lurker here...

I read a post a few days ago about nightmares after NAP..I could have sworn it was on this board but I cant find it anywhere.
The reason I wanted to reread it is because I had a similiar experience last night.

I did the RR ,then MP and finally Bornless ritual as done in NAP. I then did one recitation of power over others chant.

Following this I fell asleep and then had an OBE.

There were three tall columns of wispy light walking/drifting down the hallway then into the room and they would not interact with me, They seemed to be there just to check me out. I was so desperate to communicate that as they were leaving I lunged at one but naturally my hand went straight through them.

The nightmare part of this is that I was at work (I work at night) and in my sleepy unreal state of mind I convinced myself that it was management come to make sure I was working. Upon waking some 20 minutes later and after calming down I realised what had happened. :lol:

has anyone else experienced a visit for want of a better term after NAP or an OBE?

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